Check Out My New Arcade Stick! (No Image Quoting)

Jesus that’s insane.

WTF B15.

lol idk what to say

I like the idea for the cords. With as many cords as one can make for compatibility, it would be nice to have that much cord space in a unit. I also love the One Piece series. Me and my wife watch Toonami. lol

That boat stick is just crazy good. What’s the weight on both that and the custom button box on p.559?

just got this baby in the mail today. picked it up off ebay for $35.01 (shipping was $35, guess how much the stick was.)

it was labelled as junk so no one bid on it. just plugged it into the pc, tested it out on 3S, the only thing junk about this baby is the start button. what luck!

EDIT: a dab of rubbing alcohol on the start button contacts aaaaaaaand fixed.

it’s a nice and wacky design. i like it. id put that in my house. would be like a mini arcade. or strap a steering wheel to it and play some gran turismo or forza

i wonder if it was made using… ONE PIECE? ehh? ehh?

SMH B15 does it again…

Take a good hard look at the mother fuckin’ boat.

No image quoting, as mentioned in the thread title. Thanks.

Please note for next time @trifelife !

here’s my new arcade stick:


Pic no worky for me but I’m at work. That might be the problem.

you brilliant sob


So funny I shot soda out my nose lol

To see a man, constantly outdo himself, Jesus. As a One Piece fan, I’m floored.

The only way to congratulate after b15 posts is with a cigar!

Here’s my recently completed HRAP Project Diva stick!!

Update 1/6: More shots!! Square button art is off. Too lazy to fix…

Such elegant.

i’cant see it