Check Out My New Arcade Stick! (No Image Quoting)

i want a male version of that cammy stick


Here she is folks!!! Full Optical joystick… No switches!!! Not sure why I was so hell bent on making this, but it’s done!!!

Happ p360 (can’t talk about this as I was sworn to secrecy…seriously…)

Wico Optical p360 buttons

custom Wico\P360 art (compiled by myself)

case by Mekishiko

Shitty paint job also done by myself. (I know it’s shit. its mostly going to be used by my kids so it will get fucked up anyways)

This project couldn’t be completed without the generosity of:


and lastly, thanks to the special person who helped turn a little Ol Happ P360 into a Japanese Killer… you know who you are… and it kills me not to be able to say anything about your work, but a promise is a promise.


looks great sethian0, I’m surprised you found 8 P360 buttons. you’re quite a determined fellow.

That’s looking slick guy! Very snazzy

Here is the stick I had built for Paik4life. Its a cross between the New Net City and the Vewlix design.

Solid acrylic case, red mirror plexi with new net city pattern/design in black. Full Sanwa parts along with PS360+.

I really need to stop taking photos of light colour cases against a white background as It seems to disappear.

+1 for Novus.

6 button = king

looks really good

Hey all, me 32teeth here.

After a 2 year hiatus, i am returning to the scene. This time, with pink.
This time around, more planning, more layout choices, more…

General cable management using pink pet flex and white shrink tubing

Connected to original Razer Atrox (Beta Program) PCB

Connected to PS360+ PCB

Close up

Original Razer Atrox (Beta Program) cable management

Connection on Razer Atrox (Beta Program)

Connection on PS360+

B15, that’s probably the best stick I’ve seen you post. Clean, beautiful, and just nice to look at.

Welcome Back

hot jesus those are cold as ice.

anyway, not a new pick up, just something i was helping a friend with. brought the stick to me with a malfunctioning start button but… well you can see the problem

ground out the rust, WD40, gross looking coat of primer, arthong piece and, tada, generic ol’ black stick

Just sticker bombed as of today. You like?

pic could be bigger.

Just grabbed this for $80, basically mint condition. Can’t wait to mod it… will be updating you guys.

I’m going to sticker bomb an SE soon.

Hey guys I just received my B15 stick and It’s everything I could ever ask for!

Fixed per request of B15 :smiley:

My Head Asplode

I’m new… Sorrrrrry… D:

That is really strange how that layered plexi changes so drastically from different angles. Honestly, I’m a bit confused by it…