Check Out My New Arcade Stick! (No Image Quoting)

That alice in wonderland stick is AMAZING it’s so perfect for TT, after all we’re all mad here.

that sega stick looks s osick

also, alice in wonderland is pwn

Srsly… how much for the Alice in Wonderland stick, like omg want. LOL

Very gdlk stick

Thanks! :slight_smile:

If you combine different layers of tinted acrylic the colour can only be clearly seen if viewed from a perpendicular angle. If you look at it from an angle the colours tend to bleed together as they act like colour filters. For this build I fused tinted red and yellow layers together and used a particular glue which gives the end result of molten lava or similar. I was told that AfterFX liked Zangief, Evil Ryu and Yang hence why I went with a black red and yellow colour scheme as those colours can be shared between his fav characters. So anytime he gets bored with Gief artwork he can switch it out for Evil Ryu or Yang.

The lightup of the sandwiched layers wasnt as much as I would have liked due to the non reflective properties of the black sides. Even after using 6 leds inside it still wasnt enough to light them up. The only way to have them light up fully was to drill the layered areas from the inside and insert leds that way but it would have been clearly visible which I didnt want to do.As it is, the room has to be pretty dark for it to show up to be honest.

I’m not sure what Foe Hammer charges for this stick. You would have to talk to Foe Hammer about ordering one or one just like it.
The way it’s done, is that I get a call from Foe Hammer saying they have a stick that needs wiring and the direction they want to go with it. I then wire it up for them and charge them my wiring fee.

Put together my TE SimpleCase. Thanks D3V for the art!

That black USB cable is an eye sore. Remove the jack on the PS board and solder directly to the PS board since you already have it plugged into a neutrik. You don’t need it to disconnect from two places. While doing that you can throw some sleeve over it. Also consider rotating the JLF 90-180* so that you can shorten up the wiring. Sometimes a little goes a long way. Keep up the nice work!

I thought that was Goldenboy art for a sec, then I realized it wasn’t :frowning:

My Pam Grier inspired TE is done. dual modded and ready to go. It’s time to get bodied in style.

I must admit…I had my doubts. I really like it though! Now you need a disco balltop.

Thanks man. Once I started putting the last bits together after getting my art and plexi order in i knew i picked the right parts for it. Now to actually play some fighters with it. too tired to bother tonight besides my quick button test to make sure i wired them properly again.

Or at least a nice bubble or mesh top to simulate a discoball

yeah thats really sweet dude. i really love that you removed the text but kept the autograph. overall it just screams GG

What buttons have you used? they look awesome with the artwork and theme.

Nice work.

The buttons are Seimitsu PS-14-GN-C.

Y’all gonna do mods at SCR this year?

Disclaimer: Not my stick, but someone linked me this and I knew you guys had to see it.
I’ll give you a hint, there’s a logo on the stick that’s TRAPCOM instead of CAPCOM


The best part is if you use a link then while you’re travelling the stick is JP and when you’re playing it’s american :rofl:

Why is it everyone think Poison is a trap?
In the SNES version of final fight Poison’s character been replace for a guy due to Nintendo’s policys.
So how she really a dude?

The character designer Akira Yasuda stated that she was transgender once but that still didn’t fly for American audiences that weren’t comfortable with fighting women so they replaced her with a male character. Thats the way it’s been in every Final Fight since. It’s more of a running joke than anything imo. I wonder what Miesha Tate, Ronda Rousey, and other female fighters would think about all of that. The general American public was is so ignorant. She’ll always be a woman to me.

til she whips it out?