Check Out My New Arcade Stick! (No Image Quoting)

The best part is if you use a link then while you’re travelling the stick is JP and when you’re playing it’s american :rofl:

Why is it everyone think Poison is a trap?
In the SNES version of final fight Poison’s character been replace for a guy due to Nintendo’s policys.
So how she really a dude?

The character designer Akira Yasuda stated that she was transgender once but that still didn’t fly for American audiences that weren’t comfortable with fighting women so they replaced her with a male character. Thats the way it’s been in every Final Fight since. It’s more of a running joke than anything imo. I wonder what Miesha Tate, Ronda Rousey, and other female fighters would think about all of that. The general American public was is so ignorant. She’ll always be a woman to me.

til she whips it out?

RoFL. Exactly.

Another hori to add to the collection. Now I just need to find a HRAP SE…which is next to impossible.

Next to the other ones.

And finally wired up my blast city with new jlfs. Im thinking about putting JLW’s in it to see how it feels. Does anyone have any experience with sanwa jlf’s?

Started plugging SRK Tech Talk and started the new “Check Out My New Stick!” feature on the site… Thoughts?

This is basically a TL;DR version of our thread here…

i freakin love the hori sticks so much. they’re so versatile and easy to work in. i have at least like 3 of em… somewhere.

i dont really know if mine are all that impressive to show off but s’all good if you want to. man my carpet is dirty as h

As nendoi pointed out it’s more of a running joke tied to final fight–typically those who are uninitiated is all like, “DAMN THIS CHICK IS FINE NAMASAYIN!!!” then you go “lol it’s a guy” and they take a confused spit-take.

lol, it’s cool to show what everyone is buying though. i didn’t have to put a VSHG or regular TE in there but I thought that was tight too.


The original character sketch from Final Fight has “Newhalf” written in Japanese.

I really like the TL;DR version. I keep searching thru these pages to show my brothers some cool sticks and takes some serious time, lol.

I have a JLW-TM installed in a modded Hrap 3.
Under the panel the JLW is a bigger, tougher more rugged joystick with a stronger stock spring than the JLF.
The JLW comes in 2 versions:
Sanwa JLW-UM-8 which only takes Bat Tops and 45 mm Sanwa ball tops (both without the adapter).
Sanwa JLW-TM-8 Joystick which takes normal ball tops (requires a adapter for bat tops like the JLF and Seimitsu sticks)

The JLW have a longer engage but shorter throw than the JLF, it has heavy tension but a low deflection.
source -

I haven’t discussed it with @JDM714, but I imagine that that he’ll probably set something up. I’ll show up for scene support :smiley:

*Sniff!!! I miss you guys… :frowning:

damn yo, you got a 40 in that stick?

haha nah that art is pretty sick

Finally got around to finishing up my tek mini case.

The cabs come with all sorts of different force-of-activation switches, offhand I think IIDX is 50G these days but formerly 100G, not sure about Pop’n but I want to say always been 200G, that’s not getting into springs either.

Great Idea. I find myself skimming through this thread looking for pictures but there’s a lot of conversation in between.