Check Out My New Arcade Stick! (No Image Quoting)

Very nice! I’ve been wanting to do something with a floral pattern.

Probably the greatest thing to ever grace this thread.

Well… I just got this…

And once I do the vinyl wrap on the blue accent pieces and get a new title panel, its going in this…
(Gonna do a charcoal or similar dark carbon fiber wrap)

found a foehammer case on ebay for about half price a couple weeks ago! here it is pretty much ready to go minus the plexi on the back.

Hi everybody I’m new to this forum and I’m trying find
Someone to make custom stick for the Xbox one for me can any one recommend someone or a company that can make one for me

Hey, this is the thread for showing off new sticks, not asking questions about sticks.

The [question thread](Absolute Question and Answer Thread (ASK YOUR QUESTIONS HERE!) or the [stick thread](What Stick/Controller Should I Buy? Read the Guide on Pg 1 Before Posting or even the [find a modder/builder](Need a Modder/Builder in Your Area? Check This Post thread would have been the right place for your query.

Having said that if you absolutely need a stick immediately then you should look up a modder in your area, please note that xbone stick modifications are quite expensive and it doesn’t sound like you’d be providing a stick to be modded.

So a stick + pad will be about $160-200 depending what you go with and the mod itself will probably cost a decent amount of money because it’s not an easy task.

If you absolutely need a stick quick though you’re kind of stuck and this is your best bet, however Madcatz has announced their TE2 without KI art will be available shortly so I suggest pre-ordering that because IT WILL BE THE CHEAPEST OPTION. However get your pre-order in ASAP because the TE2 is in high demand.

Note: If you would like to ask more questions please go into the appropriate thread and discuss this topic there, don’t just post your question again, rephrase it and incorporate some of what I’m saying here into that post so they have a good idea of where you’re going with your decision.

Another exotic wood case (maple burl) I finished up a few weeks ago now. Chun Li theme with a oriental look/feel to it.
Sanwa JLF stick with Seimitsu buttons all hooked up to the PS360+.

That looks amazing. Not to sure about how that balltop would feel but the stick is another beautiful work of art.

With a balltop like that it’s probably a display piece.

Also, goddamn why does wood look so good

love wood cases, ball top looks cool just hope those studs don’t rust from sweaty hands! nice concept either way.

Thanks. Studs are actually stainless steel so will never rust. Surprisingly it is still very comfortable to use and the studs also help to grip the ball top a little better as well. Granted it would take a little getting used to when compared to a normal ball top but it can be done.

Very nice, @b15sdm
I’ve been meaning to ask you (from seeing some other of your cases as well): the parts of the casing here that are painted, is it also made of the maple burl, or something else?

If I remember correctly this one had walnut sides…or was it maple. Honestly can’t remember now. No point in using/wasting maple burl on the sides if it’s going to be painted over.

Right. That’s what I figured anyways. Thanks for the info. :slight_smile:

I do apologize for posting in the wrong thread I’m doing everything from my phone and it’s not letting search this site too good this was actually my 2stop in looking for a custom stick for the xbox one I try the pre rode and the website for mad catz is not letting me pre order it and I emailed @b15sdm 2 times asking about getting a stick done for the xbox one but I haven’t gotten an email back about it and I found site with this thread by google so I am sorry for posting in the wrong thread again

It’s ok, man. I understand. It’s the internet. I think sometimes we forget how large the internet is, how large the world is, and how every person that uses an arcade stick and plays fighting games is not a member of the SRK forums. I hope you don’t feel intimidated or anything by the users here. We are just passionate about what we do and passionate about this forum and keeping it as neat and tidy as possible. Now that you have been pointed in the right direction/s, I hope that you find what you’re looking for.

Bare with me my friend. I am extremely busy at the moment and will respond to everyone as soon as I can get these final 2 orders completed. Thank you for being patient with me.

artwork finally arrived!! thanks tek-innovations!! for those interested:
Hori Real Arcade pro v3 sa fightstick
Seimitsu ls-32-01 stick
Seimitsu ps-14-g buttons and ps-14-d start button

Oh, I remember that from the other thread.

It’s great that it came out pretty nice looking.

@Epi thanks and trust me that picture doesnt do it justice colours are très bien!