Check Out My New Arcade Stick! (No Image Quoting)

It’s my turn:

I’ve got another joystick controller built. I put the emphasize on the glossy finish. Done with graffiti yellow spray paint, black acrylic and fluorescent green. I did the black/green graphics by hand, and god did that take a long time.

Sorry for the shitty photos. I tried the best I could in Photoshop. Some more photos can be found on the blog:

I want someone to do something amazing, put an led in a Phreakmods link shaft

It can be done but it doesn’t really look great since you have to mount the LED in the bottom half and it doesn’t shine very bright through the top half from there.

It’s easy enough to do. Problem is mostly keeping the functionality of the removable part of the stick while letting you mount the LED in the balltop so you can see it. I’ve been looking at trying to size a 2.55 mono headphone jack or something similarly tiny that might fit inside the lower section and the upper that would still “click” together and spin with the stick safely, but I thing the dimensions are still too tight to try it and I don’t have the cash on hand to trial/error the equipment. Finding REALLY tiny connectors would make this way easier.



  1. If it’s really a prototype, then all bets are off. They might’ve used non-production parts, or even dyed their own buttons.

  2. OBSF-30s don’t come in “picture 1” colors (pink with grey rims), I believe that might be a Hori button.

  3. Lighting can change colors that much in a picture.

  4. This has nothing to do with “Check out my new arcade stick!”; you should be posting this stuff here instead.

I believe the color of those buttons are violet, the lighting is just throwing everything off.

@FreedomGundam Okay I apologize, I will repost there and delete this one.

Working on my first stick art mod… I’m a VW enthusiast and wanted to make a VW themed stick… Attached is a VERY rough idea but what do you think about where the logo is??? should I move it??? I know the buttons will cover it and its hanging off the side, but I did that intentionally… So what ya think??? I’m going to put a VW in the white space on the left

That made me smile. :smiley:
If it was my stick, I’d leave it as it is now because it really captures that simple VW commercial feel.
Shift stick balltop maybe? :stuck_out_tongue:

oh man, i love it. i drive an '07 gti myself

Oh hell yeah!! I’d love a shifter ball top!! :slight_smile: I do have a dark blue translucent ball top and a white shaft cover and a blue dust cover. I also have white and blue buttons, but I might keep the multi colored 360 scheme.

Nice!!! I got a 2005 VW GTI myself :slight_smile:

Nice idea, I like the clean look.
But why is this info/questions in this “Check out my new arcade stick!” thread?
Artwork questions and stuff like that should go into the artwork thread [here](The NEW Official Arcade Stick Art Thread NO IMAGE QUOTING!

Sorry thought since it was stick related it would go here…

when i get my new stick this upcoming weekend, im prolly going to do this. i like the idea so much. but it wouldnt look right with just a vw emblem and no cel, right? hahaha

I’ve been putting this off for over 3 years and now that I’ve moved into a house that has a garage, I was able to modify my Hori T5 with Sanwa parts. And I just realized that I forgot to put the screws back on before capturing:

I like to keep the original artwork because, well, I paid for it lol. And I like the quality of original artwork… it’s smooth and sturdy :slight_smile:

Finally decided to make another rough mockup now that I got a little table to work on, Priority Mail theme survives another round! (Also probably made things harder than they needed to be, I only used it cause I saw a leftover empty box)

Cut it a bit closer than I expected on the height clearance, just enough for the stick and not enough for a Neutrik USB jack cause the back angle (although it’d fit if I run it out the side instead):

I’ll probably do another rough one with my leftover material just to get the size down, it’s comfortable but overly wide and deep for a mini stick.

Hey everyone here’s the gateway drug that got me back into playing fighting games after about a 4 year hiatus:

Gutted SFAE stick now an XBone pad hacked fun box.

iL/Happ Competition stick ( NOS )

Suzo/Happ Concave buttons

Parts from Craigslist James ( hope you did okay at [Best of the Battle V]([March 22nd] BEST of the Battle V - DOA5U, SSF4AE, UMVC3, SCV, TTT2, KOFXIII, VF5FS (San Jose, CA) man) and Tornado Terrys Arcade Parts

Build by @XxStanTheManxX

Art by @Ohhaiari

Custom Plexi from @arthong

Pics don’t do it justice ( my camera sucks ) , it’s suuuper clean in real life, and a great example of what the talented people on this board are capable of!!!

Working on its twin now, + an all optical stick, + trying to get my HitBox on as well, + picking up some nice collectables along the way.

All in all just really happy getting back into the scene and meeting cool people on SRK.

I like it, although when I look at your stick, I have a feeling there a shock box that now is missing its insert.