Check Out My New Arcade Stick! (No Image Quoting)

So clean. LEDs would be a nice addition :wink:

Though it’s true that I’m not a fan of FA, I only say this because I think the stick would look better without the stickers. I’m not one to stir shit up or judge people for where they buy their parts. This is a thread about showing off arcade sticks and that’s how I would like it to stay.

TE2 HitBox mod using Gamefinger silent buttons and Toodles’ SOCD cleaner. Need to find some art, or at least better cable management. Super happy with how it plays.

oh shnit, bay area represent!

How are you guys doing LED mods in buttons?

I tried using the KNserts (I believe that’s what they are called) inside of Sanwa translucent buttons and it created an entire different feel when I pressed the button because the button was hitting the KNsert very slightly (since it was sitting at the bottom).

I tested this with plinking in Marvel and it also effected my inputs, as I would not get my buttons to respond properly to fast plinks.

Either ArcEye3s (with the Remora PCB) or Kaimana Js (with the Kaimana PCB).

Hitbox I just got done wiring. The case is from Foe Hammer, has an XB1 and PS4 padhack, and the lid flips up. It’s still not the finished product because it’s missing a few things but that will be taken care of after I give the case back.

WOW, awesome sticks, guys!!

Well mmkay, my turn to show off. :smiley: This is my classic American-styled neogeo themed artwork arcade design HRAP 3 mod stick with bat top. Modded with all sanwa buttons and JLF joystick.

Took a heck of a lot of patience for this one; especially getting the photoshop artwork done, getting the right clear buttons, the right color and everything… but finally got it finished yesterday late afternoon… well, couple hours ago, really lol…

Just finished playing King of Fighters 2002 with this stick and MAN was it an awesome experience and feel.

I have an EMP stick. I’m not at home to post a pic though :frowning:

Ok, yea I dont want to detour the thread. Their site just has an easier to navigate setup than PA and they have more stuff than AS. IS there another site out there thats really good in america/canada?

Buckets my friend, buckets… that’s a gorgeous hitbox.

Sexy as hell.
How are the silent parts treating you? Quiet enough to not disturb the SO on the same couch? (I like to pc game while watching TV. My wife does NOT like this if I’m rocking a stick, and I can do the D-pad for SHMUPs, but can’t do it for fighters anymore.)

That is some next level shit, with the piano hinges and the carving on the top. I love seeing sticks using real wood grain on top. VERY cool. FH’s been doing some interesting stuff lately.

Cool build. I’ve been looking at the Gamefinger buttons for my next hitbox-type-thing. How’s the travel and tension compare to Sanwas or Seimitsus?

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wow many great sticks and all but am I the only one doesn’t like 8 button layouts?

arcades never had 8 buttons. it always looked dumb to me. there is NO use for 8 buttons on top. unless you are one of those clowns using one button dash or something lol…

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As the saying goes. “6 button is cooler, 8 button is dick”.

Interestingly I would describe them as mushier. Not inaccurate or unresponsive, just a really smooth travel and a soft stop at the bottom. Now, I got the silent ones so that’s why ( I might add that the fact that my wife hasn’t threatened physical harm yet from my playing means that they work). For the silent buttons they put a foam insert so that when the button bottoms out it doesn’t clack but it does cause it to feel exactly like you would think, with a soft resistance at the end instead of a hard stop. They use MX-Cherry Red switches in there, so the travel is more resistant than the Sanwas that I’m used to. Nothing detrimental though, not to mention if I want something different it’s super easy to just change the switch. Final word is that they’re nice and just take an evening’s worth of playing on them before you don’t notice at all.

I know hitboxes are confusing, but mine still counts as 6 buttons. I’ve come a long way from my first build, which I’ll post when I get home tonight.

So you weren’t asking me but I need to put in my .02

I was really stoked to try out Gamerfingers but when I finally tried them out I was disappointed as hell. Ugly and mushy sums them up, can’t sum it up better than that. I tried them with brown, blue, and red switches… hated them. By tension I guess you mean resistance? Depends on the switch you use. Travel I don’t remember

Sanwa OSBF are okay but don’t like the lack of feedback. I ordered some OSM-30B and OSBN-30RG from akishop and am waiting for them to arrive to try em out…

I’ve been wanting to give IL buttons a try as well.

Just finished it today.

I too am astonished to see so many of these perfectly useless extra buttons added. I cannot think of a single game for which their addition would be at all worthwhile. How can so many of those for whom these customs are built fail to see how very redundant and therefore unseemly it is for a controller to have extra, worthless buttons?

Well I like to use the outer 6 buttons but keep the 2 inner buttons because they are required on other games. For example in injustice, even though I switch all action buttons to the 6 buttons I use, during clash sequences I am forced to use the default buttons which are matched to the first 2 buttons. You can’t change that so I need the eight. During ps2 era, you need the extra 2 buttons to select hidden characters in the KOF games. That why they are kept and since most commercial stick don’t put the extra buttons on the side, you are stuck with them on the face.

Arcade sticks can be used for more than fighting games. Even when not playing a game that needs eight buttons I have one of my eight buttons bound to a push-to-talk key for Mumble at all times. I never use binds/macros either.

Haha, 8 button, 6 button, who cares. Preferences are just that. Lots of salt on these roads…hahaha!
On to the goodies!

Jasens Customs Panzer Noir layout
Gamefinger buttons with Cherry MX Blues(in both builds)
Hori Hayabusa
Neutrik USB connector
Sanwa 24mm H/S/S buttons
Built by me with bloody fingers.
Better pics in the future, my phone turns into a potato after dark.

Thanks @“Jasen Hicks”!!!

Despite what others say about the Gamefinger buttons I personally love them. I come from competitive Quake and CS where I like my peripherals to CLICK.
With the Hayabusa and Gamefinger buttons inside the metal Panzer case, its so crunchy! I can feel it, I can hear it. So good, for me at least.
How do I feel?
I feel like a Samurai with TWO swords.
I feel like a Jedi with TWO lightsabers.
I feel like a porn star with TWO…well you get it.
I feel good.