Check Out My New Arcade Stick! (No Image Quoting)

What board will be driving it? Looks like you only have a DB25 breakout on there right now.

I made a project box with a PS360+ I had on hand. The DB25 connecting cable would be the “arrow”, so to speak.

That’s definitely thinking outside the box. Kudos for that.
I’m very curious on what the actual holding/playstyle with that will be? Considering it’s a bow, I’m naturally inclined to think you’d hold it where you normally hold the bow. But then with your free hand, you can only access one side of buttons at a time? I’m a little confused, to be honest.

I am assuming he would play it like a stand up bass.

Pretty much. If I had to better describe it: I’ll be sitting, with the long shaft between my legs, the top beside my head while the bottom holds itself steady on the floor. My left hand will be gently poking, while my right vigorously attacking the upper, colored protrusions.

If it makes you feel better, imagine it as a Japanese bow with the “handle” off-center (see image below) - my left hand will be holding it there.

Its EU only and got delayed until the 27th: Venom arcade stick PS4/PS3 it is only available on (german) and (spanish?) as far as i know

These are my “Stick”(s) :wink:

Thank you!

Repurposed my TE Round 2 with a PS360+, Seimitsu LS40, and a few extra buttons. I think it turned out pretty well.

Note: Most of the buttons on the side are not wired. They’re just there in case I want to rewire them. Atm it’s rocking a blinking layout with the 3P and 3K on the right side, and the top right 24mm is the home button.

Nice stick man. I hadnt been on in a few days. Was expecting to come in and see a bunch of stick porn. I’m disappointed :/.

So I thought I’d show some more pics of my Morgan stick. Also the rest of my collection. the wiring is a mess. I have a xb1 padhack piggy backing to an akishop ps+360. then I have my first two arcade sticks I ever bought. I’d recommend neither. The wrestle stick comes from some.shitty Chinese manufactioner and the tekken hori stick feels cheap. my sf4 se stick. Sanwa stick and buttons with octo gate. and my two 3rd party sticks . Ki te stick and razer atrox

Latest build. I needed to relax today and take some me time. It was nice to build a stick that wasn’t ordered and no timeline associated with it. Unfortunately, my camera and gear is all packed so we get iPhone pictures :smiley:

Panzer Fight Stick: Korean Edition

What iPhone is that? iPhone 2?

Not cool

too much noise in that pic.


Most professional Photographers agree “The best camera is the one you have with you”.

You also have to take in factors of lighting, how much the images got zoomed, and the image file compression.
it does not help the image is a jpeg file.
Despite the noise, the photo it self is composed well (image is nicely framed it is at a interesting angle)and, there is great contrast and color in this image.

Geesh, suppose to be a harmless joke at his noisy photo. Calm down.

Why are you getting baited so easily?

His response seemed pretty calm to me.

Just a basic mod here. Silent JLF, button silencers all around, a few button color changes, and 2 hole plugs.