Check Out My New Arcade Stick! (No Image Quoting)

I’ve hears they were a few weeks behind and with only being a 2 man show as far as the case building process it can take a while …I think they are just super swamped right now

They’ve been swamped since I first ordered mine which was the start of last year, they’re never not swamped haha. That’s the problem with demand exceeding supply. They make some fantastic products because between the two of them they have some great skills. Unfortunately they can’t clone themselves and the stick making business isn’t a goldmine for building an empire of trained craftsmen.

As someone that owns a Foehammer and has another coming, it’s worth the wait. It’s always a pleasure to play on and I’ve never once taken it somewhere without getting a heap of positive comments from people that have seen it.

I definitely don’t doubt the quality of their work. I’ve seen the photos and have read the feedback from various SRK users and stuff, and that’s why I contacted them in the first place.

I’m just saying that any response would be appreciated, even a “thanks for your interest, but there will be quite a wait as we’ve got a lot of catching up to do,” that’s all.

They probably just missed it, I know they were having issues with their email at one stage it wasn’t coming through properly. I’m friends with them on Facebook, that’s most of how I contact them, even messaging them on the Facebook page is probably your best bet.

When did you try email them exactly? If you still wanted something done I could help you follow it up.

March 16 and March 23 via email; March 30th via their FB page.

Thanks in advance for any help you can provide.

Hello guys. I’d like to share my portable arcade machines. They might look like jewels, but they can take some heavy mashing, believe me. NeoGeo button layout, not for everyone I guess… Hope you like it though =)

Walnut/copper edition - Centipede action

Walnut/copper edition folded

Black ash/stainless steel edition with boot logo

A special black rainbow edition

Two pals!

I also just finished a new protective hard case in painted oak.

Quite handy!

If you’re into these out of the box arcades, please follow my work on Facebook here or Instagram at @lovehulten

We’ve talked about these here before. Nice craftsmanship. Costs an arm and a leg but nice craftsmanship none the less.

Thanks! Yes, they do cost an arn and a leg, + a head maybe… I’m used to bee called an over priced idiot by now =) But I’m putting about 120 hrs on each machine, so that’s just that. Sure, I could simplify to work faster and cheaper, but there’s no creativity in that scenario for me…

Ya. Don’t do that.

Dude, these are breathtaking. I especially like the black/stainless steal one. Beautiful work

That black rainbow edition is absolutely gorgeous. I might have to steal some of that look for a stick of my own, if you don’t mind.

well… after lurking through the first 463 pages of this thread, I’ve decided to make an account, and try my hand at building a stick from scratch. I have moderate woodworking skills, poor painting skills, 0 patience, and 0 dollars. that doesn’t mean anything now, tho. the ideas I’ve collected and things I’ve learned looking through this topic have taught me some things.

  1. if you want it done right, do it yoursel- wait… no. if you want it done right, have B15SDM do it. if you can’t afford him, then… fine. you can do it yourself I suppose.
  2. painting correctly takes forever. must learn patience.
  3. do not piss anyone off with posts that are unrelated to the thread.

I live across the street from a highschool, who’s shop last year received some fancy award, and was given an 85,000$ CNC machine. I will be approaching the shop teacher as soon as I learn how to draw something in cad and bring him the Gcode.

I have some pretty sick ideas that I am dying to spill, but since I haven’t seen anything like it here, I will have to wait to spill the beans. possibly a build log.

I will try my best guys.


Also read up on Slag Coin its a good resource for stick building

These are awesome. I was working on something very similar as well, but I don’t think I can match that craftsmanship. What are you using for the insides? Also, any tips for the display mounting/display cable recommendations? I have a couple of laptops that I’m converting for this but that’s my biggest stumbling block.

I can do it right myself, thank you. B15SDM designs makes some killer sticks, no doubt… but he/they also have access to materials/machinery that most people will never have a chance to work with.

Got this 360 Tekken Tag Tournament 2 stick off eBay last week. Had the extra five yellow buttons and balltop from my Wii U TE-S so I decided to use them here. Modded it with a Cerberus, which partly works. I couldn’t get the wires for X360 IN punched, only USB OUT ones so it just works on PS3 at the moment. Since I don’t have a 360 and I have a PS360+ stick for the two fighters I have on Steam that only support 360 controllers (BlazBlue Calamity Trigger and Injustice), I can make do for now.

Love that Noir layout, and the TE is a fantastic shell.

Those are some nice portables!
What’s the turnaround time for putting one of those together?

@souji5 haven’t seen you around here for a while!

Holy fucking aesthetics, I love this so much. Never thought I’d see a stick in this style.