Check Out My New Arcade Stick! (No Image Quoting)

Just saw this. To be honest, there was no need to sand off all the paint and down to the wood/filler aswell. If you wanted to refinish it, all you had to do was scuff the existing surface and you could have gone over it with any paint you wanted and it wouldn’t react. That would have saved a shit ton of time, effort and money. I gotta admit, those pics were hard to look at. It was like finding a close relative skinned alive and hanging upside down from a tree predator style. Lol

I’ve just finished updating the CP on my DIY Vewlix cab. I’ve been meaning to do this for absolutely ages. I still need to hack the fight pad but it’s getting there now. I will also replace the right 2 buttons with black ones - they’ve been re-used from an old stick and are yellower than the others:

I’ve used aluminium strips around the front and back of the panel, made an ‘Insert coin’ sticker, re-done the artwork and replaced the 6 button layout with an 8 button one. I also made some retainers for the light bar. I still need to add a coin mechanism.

Finalized Sega Twin Stick for Xbox 360. Yes, even the sync and LED right lights are hacked into the 360 gamepad PCB, to make this thing as feature completed as possible while still having Xbox 360 analog sticks tied to the joysticks.

BTW, are there any third party stick PCBs that can do ANALOG instead of just offering digital functions?

glad to see this done, what print/material did you use for the art? looks very nice.

I had the print shop print it to a styrene sheet, then laminate and adhesive back it and CNC cut it at the end. It yields a nice, thick, durable result, but was a bit costly. $32 CAD for the job but it’s worth it to have art that’ll take a beating.

I am jelly over that art, its nicer than what I had came up with.

other pads? Mad Catz Xbox 360 game pads model 4716 are excellent for pad hacking.

The Mad Catz Xbox 360 Arcade Joystick LINK

Mad Catz Call fo Duty Xbox 360 game pad LINK

Power A Xbox 360 Game pad

If you don’t care about analog, the Mad Catz Fight pads are not bad ether.

All I did was modify this art to suit my additional buttons:�ѥĥ��󥹥ƥ��å�

Mind if I ask where you got the art from?

With that kind of stuff, I doubt he’d be welcome to sell here in the first place.

I musta failed to paste without realizing it, my last post was supposed to include this link:

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Anyone know that feel when…

You’ve won an ebay auction that was a great deal, but over the course of the next few days your elation slowly turns to dread as you start to see the first signs of …how do I put it…shenanigans?

I’m probably just imagining it though, and maybe I’ll finally have a stick again soon.

“Farva, what’s that restaurant you like with all the goofy shit on the wall?”

“You mean Shenanigans!?”

eBay is very good now about protecting the buyer. Unless the item listed as non-working the seller must grantee the item works, also eBay makes it the seller (not who ever doing the shipping like USPS, Fedex or UPS) responsible for the delivery.

My gosh that B15 stick…my heart sank. I LITERALLY looked back at the B15 case i won off ebay a while back and thought to myself “Do I really want to go that route? Baby that could have been you!!!”

I’m not worried about my money, I would probably get it back. It’s more that were it not for this great deal, I wouldn’t feel justified spending money on a stick right now.

finally finished

sanwa JLF
8 kuro buttons
3 sanwa 24mm white clear
octagonal restrictor gate
balltop smoke clear

for PS3 and PS4

How’d you finish the wood? I’m curious since I have a project of my own (that I’ve yet to start). Thanks in advance

Looks beautiful.

I finally have a tracking number, as of today, so no more worries about seller shenanigans.

It’s a real shame to see the posts to this great thread slow down like they have, but there’s still some really nice contributions over the last few pages alone.
Here’s my first in a little over 2 years. It’s a commission based around Marvel’s Black Panther, built from acrylic and MDF. #
It incorporates a Neutrik RJ45, Crown stick and Sanwa main buttons, but with Seimitsu clear 24mm as the peripheral buttons. He also wanted a rubber base instead of feet, which proved a royal pain in the arse to attach to the bottom, but I managed it in the end.

There’s nothing to see in the innards department as I’ve supplied it without wiring.

Love the comic book panels around the sides of it. Nice work! @Br0ken_Engli5h