Check Out My New Arcade Stick! (No Image Quoting)

Ohhaiari did art

Used Art/Tek for printing and plexi.

Realized art wasn’t quite lined up right with plexi and buttons needed a little rotating and fixed it after pic which was borderline impossible to do.

i dont know if people dont know or they just dont want to say… she’s Saori Hara. she does the japanese prawns

Dose eyes tho…

I didn’t notice the nice touch with the anodized screws on the stick, lol. Regardless of the distraction, the blast of galactic color and geometric patterns on that art was fantastic.

Just making my sticks feel fresh again.

I think i’ve already print and cut out 15 artworks for myself… lol

I’ve always liked the art on your sticks. I think you had a Morrigan one that looked real nice.

suzo 500
stg time~

@hibachifinal What size are those 3 little buttons?

This is the sexiest HRAP EX-SE ever. I love everything about it, mainly the kuro 30 and 24mm buttons. I would buy this off you just to display in my house, I wouldnt even play on it.

And who did the plexi for that? I’ve been thinking of moving my start button over to the turbo area.

12mm, you can find them at ebay/amazon, be sure to get 1NO not NC.

@“B-boy Tekken” aka AmpUp Customs made one for me, i’m note sure if he’s publicly open to orders again, but he mainly made this for me as a favor :smile:

@hibachifinal suzo 500 <3 ! Did you prep the artwork?

@hibachifinal - Where did you get that Suzo stick?



TE2 with new black side panels, new art I made (HAL 9000 from 2001: A Space Odyssey where the joystick is), new buttons (two red translucents to match stick, clear rims/black buttons in middle), balltop, and shaft/dustwasher colors. The translucent red matches the glow of the HAL 9000 eye. I bought the LED PCB from Madcatz as well but waiting for a more experienced friend to come over to help, but the buttons will glow soon. Kinda crapy pictures (skylights have glare), but pretty happy with it overall. I’ll take a better pic when the LEDs go in.

Nice! I really like the added touch of the matching shaft & dustwasher.

Just got this in the wee hours of the morning.
Super bargain price roughly $50~
Took out the kuros and put in painted sanwas
since I’m kinda broke and can’t afford the Silent Hayabusa, here’s an Ascii optical
Big Ball top just for laughs
No art yet
will re-do the wiring when I feel like it

@shir0kami - What buttons are those??

Yellow OBSF’s painted green

why is the joystick shaft so short?

ascii opticals were mounted flushed to the panel, like a seimitsu LS-32… so its short shaft.