Check Out My New Arcade Stick! (No Image Quoting)

A modified Hori hayabusa. It has a circular gate and 6lbf spring. The result is amazing, it’s buttery smooth, ultra responsive and has that american feel to it.

@FrankCastleAZ Nice sticks bro, really dig the Bruce Lee and Spawn ones. The Capullo art is a sleek choice!

Great work Frank! I think I have the complete guts of a 360 TE and I’m planing to make a wood case for it, but the Turbo area is something I have to deal… and the inevitable question is, how did you hide that on those TEs?

Click and read the thread:
"TUTORIAL/PROGRESS - Revitalization of 11 TE and 2 SE Madcatz sticks -IMAGE HEAVY- COMPLETE"

Thanks Frank! I will check it out

Interesting features to note:
-“Free floated” lever which does not contact top panel
-16ga rolled/stamped steel construction
-Silent switches in lever (almost no resistance)
-Aluminum balltop
-Heavy (about 8lbs, a gallon of water)
-“She does the things you do, but she is an IBM”

Check this link for a worklog and pictures of the process.

Glad to see you finished it man. How did you get the holes cut?

Thanks! Everything is documented in the worklog (see link below image), but I milled them out with hole saws on a drill press, and plenty of cutting fluid.

Nice! On my phone so it’s a bit weird to navigate this. What was that select switch? Looks like a guitar pickup selector.

It’s a old surplus Soviet switch, I’ll be using it in rev. 2.0. Similar to a pickup selector, but has more poles than most of those do.


Had I known LEDs were this easy, I wouldn’t have dicked around with artwork. Thank you Toodles for the Remora and ArcEye3s. Combined with the TE Kitty, I think it’s the ultimate!

Changes from the previous version:
[] Stick completely disassembled and painted black with VHT Vinyl Dye.
] The fat wings of the TE were replaced with the slimmer TE-S style side panels and painted black. Originally pink, because who the hell was gonna get pink? :smiley:
[] Plexi is now the Black 1/16 Mad Catz TE Full cover from Tek-Innovations. For what it’s worth, I don’t see any cracking from my non-shaven Seimitsu PS-14-K clear buttons with Sanwa SW-68 microswitches. I don’t think there was anything to shave on those buttons, but if I end up getting Sanwa OBSC-30s to use with the Paradise OBS plungers, you can bet I’ll be shaving those.
] The plexi also is now four screws instead of six screws. Seems as sturdy as ever even with a bigger rats nest of wires from the Remora. I’ll probably look into Techflex later.
[*] Ball top replaced with the mesh ball top that I bought from FrankCastleAZ at Evo!

Kinda bittersweet though because my Phat PS3 60 GB died since I started this upgrade project (I bought the Remora before Evo), but there’s always the other consoles.

Thanks @MonkeyGovernor for making the stick and wiring it, and thanks @Onagi for the artwork! Best PS4 stick for me ever. Now we just need KOF XIV for PS4.


NSFW pics :frowning:

Here’s my wife’s TE2. Based on one of her favorite movies. :slight_smile:

Blue Mary is ALWAYS safe for work.

Hiya everyone. I’ve been on here a while now, and I have to say what a fantasic, creative and helpful bunch you all are…
Anyways, I’d like to present to you my second creation (I posted my Mortal Kombat stick a while back),
I wanted a proper Ps4 stick, so the pcb’s out of a HFC4. Haven’t got round to wiring the Ps3/4 switch in yet though.
I made the case myself and I think I must’ve painted it at least three times!! (Lacquer is a bitch to put on).
All parts are Seimitsu, supplied by the wonderful people at Arcade World UK. I prefer the feel of the stick over a jlf, although I may put a stiffer spring in soon.
Anyway, I hope you like. Any feedback will be gratefully received.

this stick is fire. really good stuff man. you need to take better glamour shots, it deserves it.

I’m a Nike head 100%, but that shit is cleannnnnnn. Very nice job.

Good shit, @GoldenGaze!

Haha! Glamour shots! I apologize for the photos. It’s 5 am and my phone came outta the Ark!
Thanks for the comments though. There’s some pure quality on these threads, so cheers… Means a lot :slight_smile: