Check Out My New Arcade Stick! (No Image Quoting)

@Karr80 - If you want some transparent red and blue sides for that thing, lmk.

@JaceBuilder that is some fantastic work! Simplicity is beautiful


Would covering it up with a sticker be too “Mickey Mouse”?

I think that’d be cool if the MLG logo wasn’t textured. It’d be an entertaining reference to the MLG logo for those who have knowledge of the stick.

Can someone tell me if I can change the artwork on my Hori Kai RAP 4? And if yes, how?

Multiple ways of applying artwork.

-Vinyl graphic or lamilabel
-Plexi with artwork underneath

The issues with a lamilabel are:

  • You have to be really good at cutting out the holes and around the edges. One slip and you’ve got a slit down your artwork.
  • Not every lamination machine (especially the DIY ones) at FedExOffice are good enough to avoid air bubbles no matter the temperature you run it through or how many times you run it through. And if you get a shitty machine not every employee is going to care or give you another printout or lamilabel peel again on the house.
  • Consistent issues of the Lamilabels top laminated cover peeling off after a period. Don’t expect it to last any longer than 9-12 months with above average to heavy use.
  • MAJOR bitch to peel off or get the sticky residue off of the metal panel when you eventually want to change it out.

Vinyl can be more durable and last much longer, but costs more and does get scuffed a bit.

You’re better off saving yourself the time and getting quality from Tek Innovations. If you’re customizing arcade sticks you should be able to afford $30 shipped for artwork pre cut and plexi instead of $7 for a lamilabel with a half assed guarantee and 1/8 of the lifespan. Plus you can change the art a lot easier.

Plexi and artwork:

Scroll down to the bottom to “HRAP 4 KAI Plexi Cover” and to "Artwork Print and Cut - HRAP 4 KAI"

You can find your artwork template on his website as well under Useful Information:

For future reference please post these types of questions in the thread

Also a ton of knowledge and material on putting artwork and making artwork can be found in the thread

Applying vewlix artwork I recently replicated.

^ White meshball would look dope on that

This looks phenomenal. Quick question…I’ve seen this and another V4 with the plexi on it. Has Tek sorted out the whole warping thing? I had plexi for my VX-SA and it was nice, but it warped a lot in random spots because it was so thin. It looks like yours is doing better; I wanna get plexi for one of my V4s but don’t wanna bother if it’s still gonna be weird.

I experienced this firsthand since I live in Arizona and it can get a bit warm here. I also had a customer who left his stick next to his air conditioning unit and he had the same issue.
The main issues are thick plexi makes it more difficult to get buttons out without cracking the plexi. Thinner plexi can be susceptible to warp if left in extreme cold or extreme heat conditions.

Right now he only has “Clear 1/32” Impact Modified Acrylic" as a selection option, but I know from experience that if you ask for the 1/16 which is what he provided in the past, that he can still do it. Just email him about it before you place your order to verify he has it in stock.

Didn’t know what to do with my old SE. So it got mk converted.

What’s the button on top for?

That thing is messing with my head.

Palm mash for x-ray moves:D
Or just an additional button for pmode utility stuff.

Updated a stick i built many years ago. The artwork dates me :slight_smile: :

Sweet! Thanks for the insight, my dood! I’m going to do that straight away…

Nice stick and yes, it does date you! I remember playing a great deal of IK+ back in the day.

Got my case from SimpleCase! Amazing craftsmanship. Nothing beats wood cases for me :slight_smile:

I finally came back and finished my Real Arcade Namco-SE which was originally a Namco stick revival project. Has Seimitsu stick and buttons

Been working on a lot of blank cases recently, and wanted to share some of the most recent builds

(Click image for video)

(Click image for video)

(Click image for video)

At least in MKX 3+4+Block gets you an X-Ray without needing a sixth button.
(Although I still use a sixth button because on the rare occasion I think to use an intractable because I have no idea what the shortcut for that is. Oh for the days of instruction manuals.)