Check Out My New Arcade Stick! (No Image Quoting)

Made a new cheap easy open stick from some spare parts after giving the last two to friends (still need to add some grip pads). It’s nice having something so convenient to get into when you want to experiment. Also, I’ve found that using the bottom of the box is much more stable, far less wobbly.

Love working on super-compact sticks. What are your thoughts on that one? Was thinking about grabbing it, but never did…

Where do you get these boxes? I wouldn’t mind grabbing a couple just to mess around with various layouts and stuff.

I get them from The Container Store- overpriced for what it is, but they’re just the right size, and it’s a tough plastic:

I should add that the lid is hinged, a fact their listing fails to mention.

I wired up this Foe Hammer case last week. It has a Cammy/Sakura theme, Hori FC4 pad, and blue LEDs on the inside and end caps. Foe Hammer should be finishing it up soon, it still needs the custom etched end caps for the sides, plexi bottom, and custom joystick balltop.

Heres Elphelt from GGXRD in the color i play her as in the game.

Oh man. EJM and Qancer, you’ve both made me a fan of YELLOW! Those look incredible!

I’m here to share my custom ergonomic arcade stick. The character is Sakuya from Touhou. There’s also a clock theme as she can manipulate time.

It works. I couldn’t stand my cramped, flat quanba Q1. Now my butt starts hurting long before my wrists do.

The body is made out of cast acrylic sheets. The roman numerals were carved into the surface. The artwork was printed on large shipping labels and cut to fit.

The buttons and stick are all Happ. PCB is a HFC4. The wire colors don’t quite make sense because I was using scraps. Pardon the desk! It’s usually cleaner than that, but I took the picture during another project.

Sakura is a great Touhou. Excellent work.

Also, you could probably transmit 10A though those conductors, lol. It looks like a small breaker box.

Here’s mine:

There we go.

Excellent looking stick!

That is such a bizarre yet exquisite design. I like it.

@Deserada: Haha, yea. The scrap wires I used were kinda huge. But it works! I’m glad you like it.

@Reiraku: Really? That sounds like a boys name. Oh well, I guess that shows how much I know about the game. I fixed the typo. Thanks for commenting. Glad you liked it.

@Missing Person: Not sure if you’re talking about pApArOACh’s stick or mine. In the event you were commenting on my stick, thanks. I played around with a few foam prototypes before I decided on the final shape. I went as far as sitting in various chairs and couches, just to see what felt best in my hands.

@DeeQue that is awesome. Brilliant even.

Now I gotta load up touhou

Basic Venom Mod

Ls-32 + Obsf 30 :slight_smile:

@Aflecty - *OBSF

Yes sorry :wink:

Nice HORI with guilty gear customization :slight_smile: one n00b question, why you did the pad hack on an already PS3/PS4 stick?

Not the craziest mod but turned my old ps3 stick that doesn’t work on my pc and a broken screen android phone into a mini arcade:

There’s a USB hub installed. The touch input doesn’t work so I can plug in a mouse, or another fight stick or controller for 2 players. Might install a trackpad on side or back eventually I can find a cheap one :slight_smile:

does it lag doe…


Get out of here with those kinds of questions.