Check Out My New Arcade Stick! (No Image Quoting)

Cammy and Sakura Stick from the previous page finally finished and lit up. Really like how this one came out.


Fairly basic change on mine, preferred to keep it clean and simple; changed color scheme from blue to black.
(I spray painted the side panels, with a Satin finish).



Modded HRAP 3 Kai. PS360+, Hayabusa Joystick, and Sanwa buttons.

See the Focus Attack sticker in the photo?

In my old Kain FFIV graphic, the heat and sweat generated from my hand while playing got under the plexi and ruined the graphic, so I put the sticker on the Shadow FFVI graphic itself to help prevent that. I also got the matching red balltop and select button to give some accents to the stick.

Hey everyone built this mini bartop cabinet / fightstick setup for my nephew’s birthday gift. people commenting on social media have dubbed it the “Barlix” LOL.
19" display, PS360+, seimistu buttons, JLF, and avengers themed art. He freaked out when he unwrapped it! Enjoy yall…

Well it is a Bar Top style cabinet, and it looks like a vewlix clone.

I suspect that your barlix runs off of a 360, but I couldn’t imagine you could fit an xbox in there without smothering it.

could be a small form factor PC, mini or micro itx, Ouya, even a Raspberry Pi

Nah, you can see the “Back” and “Start” buttons on the photo with the SF3 OE character selection screen.

Pressed LOL because he used a Proscan monitor. I’m guessing his nephew wasn’t worthy to use an ASUS monitor.

@jonyfraze, very nice. Cool uncle!

Dude he’s 7. I don’t think he’ll be concerned with 1 frame links. Plus the monitor is 5ms - better than the average TV.

@Darksakul @FreedomGundam it’s basically just a fightstick and monitor. He likes playing umvc3 so it’s setup for 360 initially.

Just a sneak peak at my newest, now done and ready to go :slight_smile:

that’s fickin sick. guess i got myself a holiday project to start looking forward to

Man you guys have some amazing cabinets and sticks. My modest contribution is my current TE2. I wish I had the space/tools/skills to do my own enclosures. Maybe one day Ill give it a go.

Ghost Panzer 2.0:

BrightStick Panzer Fight Stick 2.0:

Got an old Hori Saturn “VF Dash” stick, as far as I can tell it’s new - not a mark on it, the box is a liitle faded though…

Been after one for a while as I have most of the other Virtua Fighter themed Hori sticks, and this 4 button version is quite rare apparently.

More pics of it and my other sticks here

man nice find, i only have the BOX for this, because when i got it, the seller included the non-Dash 3button version. but it came in a dash box, lol.

notable thing about these VF sticks is that they used a TP-MA like pcb for the microswitches, which are omrons. :slight_smile: