Check Out My New Arcade Stick! (No Image Quoting)


I completed my Sega Genesis fightstick TE yesterday, I’ve been wanting to do this for years and finally got around to it. Artwork is by Big E’s Customs

Before this it was an Atari stick.


I really like it. Feels more like a hybrid between octo and circle. Very similar to a Seimitsu. Plus it looks sick.


only ones I have are

they are jpg format

hope this helps




This is Not the place nor the time for this


Haven’t bought a retail stick since 2012 (Exar Exaprize USB), but this is my new main stick at home:

  • Hori VLX Kuro
  • LS-40-01 with a Sanwa black bat-top
  • 2x Hori 30mm hole plugs from the VLX (will swap these out to Sanwa ones when I get some)
  • 6x Seimitsu PS-14-K 30mm smoke buttons
  • 1x Seimitsu PS-14-D 24mm black button (for Start/Options)

Swapped the wiring to the buttons to the right-most six; I usually play on a squared-off Straight-6 layout, but until I get a custom panel made, I’ll make do with what I have already.
Can’t wait to pimp this thing out even more with some of the goodies that @“Jasen Hicks” will be releasing soon.


Upgraded the stick a couple weeks ago, forgot to post about it.

Added a brook ps3/ps4 board, a Seimitsu bubble ball top, some Seimitsu ps-15 30mm short throw buttons to cover where I botched the holes in front they were recessed holes so I had to get the short throw ones since normal sized buttons wouldn’t fit. Also put some black artwork inserts into the buttons and added a neutrik on front.




Sorry. Just wanted to share if anyone was interested.


YES! finally! thank you very much!


Is that duct tape? That is genius! Saw it earlier but I didn’t have my glasses on and didn’t even notice.


as the last guy asked… yes that is duct tape.

Your creativity is great and makes me want you to have something painted though. I will free of charge, paint it proper like if you want.

my past few sticks were painted without finishing it to auto quality. I would do that for yours just because tho.

like this:


or this:


@ed1371 geez, that blue case never cease to amaze me. If you take requests on paint jobs let me know :smiley:


Wow, really? I’ve always been a huge fan of your work and that would be amazing! I did originally seal and sand the case and painted it white.

However, over time from being in the closet and letting my kids play with it, it yellowed and the paint began to chip off where they dropped it multiple times. Would you still be able to paint it?


Damn you! Those pics are making me want a FH case even more than before. That one with the full plexi panel is amazing. Great work on the paint, btw!


Just needs to be sanded down and redone. HMU via PM if you would like it done.

restoration projects are fun. This was one of them.

before and after:


Some recent stuff.

The first one is a hybrid layout with two up buttons.


Not too much in the way of modding but I love it. I won the TE2 guessing Kazunoko as winner of 2015CC, Gamerfinger HBFS Razer Orange and optical PCB, Phreak Mods JLF Link w/2lb spring, plexi with art cut n’ print from Focus Attack. Art from a local in the 801. Top it off with 3 special signatures and I’m happy.




my order from Focus Attack came today :-).

I switched the Kuro Buttons into Sanwas: 4x Darkhai and the 4x typical PlayStation
colors, 1x 24mm black, 8x Silencer Pads. 1x Dustwasher Smoke, 1x Balltop dark grey ( very dark :-(, maybe they
gave me a black one ).

At least i wanted to switch the Sanwa-Gate but the Kowal didn’t fit. Maybe u guys can help me.

What´s next? Maybe i will order some new grey Balltops and i will look after a plexi for my Hori.

Hope u guys like my PS-Hori :-).



TE modded with Tatsunoko Wii board. Glad the artwork arrived in time for Pokken


You wanted to fit two gates on the stick? I don’t think that’s possible or advisable. Also it looks like you cut the sanwa gate to get it to fit on the Hayabusa lever? That gate won’t fit on the Hayabusa lever only the Kowal octo gate will or the stock one that you already removed.