Check Out My New Arcade Stick! (No Image Quoting)

The Fighting Edge was #2 on my most wanted list. The Diamond VLX is number 1. I was very fortunate to get the Hori that I did.

Right now, I think my realistic list is as follows:

  1. VLX Hayabusa
  2. VLX Kuro
  3. Fighting Edge
  4. VLX Diamond :slight_smile:

I’ve got 2x OG VLX’s and I’m now wanting to get all 4 :slight_smile:

I just push together the tech flex in the spot I want the wire to be and insert it. No need for cutting.

The damn thing is finally done, lol. Got the colours exactly how I want. Them pink rings on PPP and KKK. <3

AXISdapter stick, used exclusively with my PSPgo.

All Sanwa, with a Neutrik for charging.


original post:


Pretty happy with this one. I had a Tekken Hybrid TE case so naturally I was going to make this layout Namco Noir. But curiously Noir isn’t a preset on the panel builder at Art’s Hobbies, so I had to make it myself. I took this image (or one like it, anyway), then resized it so the button holes were as big as the holes on the panel builder (82 pixels IIRC), used Peek Through by Luke Payne to compare, and used an AutoHotkey script to move my mouse cursor exactly one pixel on Art’s panel builder with the arrow keys to line everything up perfectly:


CoordMode, Mouse, Screen
MouseMove, 0, -1, 0, R
;move mouse one pixel up

CoordMode, Mouse, Screen
MouseMove, 0, 1, 0, R
;move mouse one pixel down

CoordMode, Mouse, Screen
MouseMove, -1, 0, 0, R
;move mouse one pixel left

CoordMode, Mouse, Screen
MouseMove, 1, 0, 0, R
;move mouse one pixel right 

Since the PSP only has six buttons, I had to configure the buttons like this in order to comfortably play Street Fighter on Capcom Classics Collection Reloaded:

[] /\ L1 L2
>< () R1 R2

It was tempting to just go with a six-button layout from the beginning, but I wanted to play PS1 games on my PSPgo too. I couldn’t play Einhander with just six buttons.

It’s a tight fit, especially around the Select/Start/Home area, but you just have to bend the microswitches. If I had to do it over again, maybe I’d make the Select and Start buttons a little further apart, I wouldn’t leave the wires so dang long, and I wouldn’t use adhesive PCB feet to attach. They’re really strong, but in this case it lifted the AXISdapter board just high enough that when plugging in the Mini USB, I had to awkwardly go over one of the screw terminals. If the board actually looked like the one in the Instructables tutorial, there’d be no problem. And with my Noir layout, you’ll have to dremel out one of the pegs near the lever harness. If you’ve ever tried to install a Hayabusa in a stock TE, you know what I’m talking about.

It was a little hard making sure the lever was exactly in the center of the hole. Not knocking Art here, but I’m not exactly sure why there was any wiggle room at all. And I really wanted to put my JLW in here since I’m playing more than just fighters on this thing, but my Kowal S-plate wouldn’t line up with the screws. So I’ll just be a sticking with a JLF here. This guy did this with a JLF so I certainly don’t have any excuse.

For better or worse, the stick is considerably lighter now. I guess that metal plate added more weight to the case than I thought. Or maybe I just got stronger after lugging around my Panzer.

I wouldn’t mind building a couple more of these AXISdapter sticks. It works with the Vita TV / PSTV as well, but it’s a pain to resync a Sixaxis to the PSPgo (you need a PS3 every time). The PSTV can play a lot of good PSP games (read: arcade collections!), but not all of them; Gradius Collection is noticably absent from the whitelist (in North America, anyway). And there are plenty of abused and neglected Sixaxis controllers with messed up left analogs on eBay that need adopting.

2016-05-19 update!

First, my button layout is now this:

[] /\ L1 R2
>< () R1 L2

This is so that P3/K3 and P4/K4 are different buttons. When playing PSP games, L1/L2 and R1/R2 both map to just L and R, so it’ll be good to have the R button both to the right and underneath the L button.

Next, this panel by Tek Innovations does allow my Sanwa JLW to be mounted; I just had to ignore the spacers provided and use the flat mounting plate that came with the JLW.

I did have to move the Sixaxis and AXISdapter further back:

I thought it was smooth sailing when I played Gradius Collection and the left analog wasn’t hitting case and moving my ship. But then I played Dariusburst and my ship was stuck in the up direction. So I guess the analog in that game is much more sensitive. I ended up cutting those sticks off with a Dremel.


I just recently got my hands on a HSS-0130 after having my eye on it for years.

After it arrived I reached out to RoyalFlushTZ who modified it with all Sanwa parts, 2 Akishop PS360+ PCBs, and 2 ps4 PCBs. I’ve been introducing and revisiting some classics with my friends since he finished modding it. Super happy with the final product.

Overall had a really great customer experience with RoyalFlushTZ. He kept me updated as he was working on it and everything works like a dream I’d definitely recommend him to anyone else.

Those jellyfish tanks are super cool too

A little off-topic, but how are you playing Einhander on your PSP Go? JP PSN account?

My PSP 1000 is CFW soft modded , thats how I play Einhander on it

Ripped my own disc way back and put it on myself. I literally wrote the FAQ on Einhander regional differences and I prefer the American version anyway! =)

Playing with custom firmware is extremely safe these days; there’s no need to stay on outdated firmware anymore, and you can switch between original and custom firmware in seconds.

I actually needed to revert to stock firmware temporarily because if you try to sync your Sixaxis or Dual Shock 3 while on custom firmware, your PSP will hang.

@triple_lei holy hell I’m making an Einhander themed stick now. Coincidence?

so I bought my parts for my stick design. But I bought them for the character I thought i wanted to main but have no changed.

I need to figure out how to make bison work with a green theme.

Learned my lesson about this a while back and tend not to put characters on art anymore.

Psycho Power Purple splashed with green might not look bad.

might just make one out bison shadaloo logo instead
that could work nicely.

Match it to green outfit bison?

Can change the colors in photoshop for whatever art you had planned easily enough.

my stick

Playing marvel 2 with my kids forced me to resurrect this old beast. JLW-UM and Happ buttons, PS3 Cthulhu. I originally had a Happ P360 in it but it died unfortunately.
Edit: Safari is being stupid and I can’t get the image to show up so here’s the link.

Damn this is so sick, awesome choice! If you don’t mind me asking, what was your total on this after customizing it?

100% custom stick built out of a project box I bought at an electronics store.

I’ve been modding retail sticks for years but finally decided to use some tools and BUILD a box. Project box came with rubber feet, screws, places to mount a PCB, and internal supports. Pretty sweet! All for ~12USD.

LS-32 + OEM Sanwa buttons

I really like that white.