Check Out My New Arcade Stick! (No Image Quoting)


you will need the Sanwa ver. plexi cover or else the hole will be too big and the sanwa/hayabusa dustcover will fall in the edges get caught during play.


@hibachifinal I hope that you install the Golden Fanta into that. The color scheme will be way off but remain one of the best sticks I have ever seen.

@tanabe What buttons are those? I don’t think I have ever seen those before. Are they 30mm?


Forgot that he was referring to the Omni stick.
Yeah you want to swap plexy too, which is just 2 more steps.


Currently using a PS3-PS4 superconverter to make it work on ps4. I might do a padhack for it soon since FC4’s are very common in the Philippines. It was my first time modding this stick and it was fun lol.


They are iL buttons, 28mm.


Been doing a lot of house keeping on SRK the last few weeks; Cleaning up my [WTT/WTB TO thread](WTT: Lots of sticks / parts / & misc’s added | WTB: MAS and Diamond VLX arcadesticks Finding new homes for some sticks that never really felt right in my Tony Robbins’ banana hands, Organizing the trunk of funk that is my storage locker/parts bin, And now finally trying to wrap up some builds that were perpetually stuck at 75% complete.

So here’s my attempt to make a MadCatz TE2 SE


[list][] MadCatz XBox 360 TE2 shell from a local trade
] @“Jasen Hicks” 's TE2 EZ MOD kit
[] @armi0024 & @SusanInParadise 's presoldered headers Brook UFB PCB ( I just removed the plastic guide on the J5 pins so that the EZ MOD and UFB would play nice together )
] @armi0024 & @SusanInParadise 's PAS Universal S Adapter Plate
[] @mdsfx MadCatz TE2 red bezel
] Seimitsu LS-38 SC lever from @Needlecrash
[] Seimitsu LB-35 red ball top from @hibachifinal
] Seimitsu PS-14-GN-C colored rims from @hashrate
[] Seimitsu PS-14-GN-C black plungers & rims from @slaycruz
] Seimitsu PS-14-DN-C colored rims from @TRIEU
[*] Seimitsu PS-14-DN-C black plungers from @“NiFTY NuGGET”

The Official TE2, TE2+, TES+, PANTHERA EZ MOD Thread

Seimitsulicious! Nicely played, sir!

Thinking of offloading some sticks and parts soon too. The closet is getting cluttertastic, and I’m now getting “how many of these fucking things do you really need for just a PC and a Dreamcast?”


Acrylic Hitbox I made over the weekend in black and gold trim.

Ps2/ps3/pc mayflash universal fightstick

Just finished another stick, this time using the All Fight Sticks metal case. The smaller one.

Case made by All Fight Sticks, super affordable and modular metal cases. The top is laser cut/etched by Ponoko and I finished it with tung oil, shellac and carnauba wax. I decided to go with a RJ 45 Neutrik port to make it more secure (with the neutrik connector on the cable).

The buttons are OBS-MX by Paradise Arcade, using some Zealios MX (purple) that I had around. They are a little heavier than browns but less than MX whites. I had those from my custom mechanical keyboard.

The bottom was cut from a sheet of Plexi. The All Fight Sticks bottoms have a metal side and contribute too much to weight, so I made one entirely clear. I wish the insides where better looking but after a while I was just FUCK THIS.
The Brook Universal Fighting board has no RJ 45 but I simply cut one of the connectors of the USB cable and crimped it to a RJ 45 using the pinout for the 360+/Chtulhu as someone described here on SRK.


Sanrio x Streetfighter
Gummods home panel replacement board
Paradise OBS-MX
Brook UFB

That pink led!


Damn, I kinda miss my Hello Kitty stick.


Aluminum cut Fight Stick case

The Carbon “art” was laser cut to fit the model. There’s a slight recess underneath it, so it doesn’t feel like a sticker.

Inside is a Brook UFB and a Kaimana Mini + Kaimana Js


@jeeble did you have this case specially made? Looks sweet and I dig the simplicity of it. Good stuff sir.


Thanks! Yes, I created a model and had a friend with a cutting machine make this for me. It’s sparked some attention at my local, and I hate having to tell people they’re not retail :frowning:


How much would something like this run?


With machined aluminum, a smaller, blockier case will run you around $400. My case shown in the pictures-with the number of curves, cuts and it’s size falls in the thousands. Not only is aluminum heavy and built to last, but these cutting machines never fail (compared to 3D Printing). A video game controller is probably the last thing expected to be built out of this material.


For materials? @jeeble just said that this isn’t retail.


@jeeble actually there were some smaller machined cases by nhtran years back that were pretty cool

@jopamo I know I was asking in case I wanted to go this route for a case in the future


@coredump is that glue I see along the side edges of the bottom plexi panel?


thats what you payed for it?..

btw, what is the weight of the stick?