Check Out My New Arcade Stick! (No Image Quoting)


BTW, the news are the forums are saved! Big Hurrah still though, hell of a stick, love the combination!


Does anyone know where this arcade stick is? I designed the graphics and built it up several years ago. I sold it a while back. Maybe one of you knows who has it.


thats a nitewalker case??

nice varnish job, must have put some time into that


Very classy tip to toe. I love the art too, feels like an active loading screen. First time I’ve ever seen a stick with something religious…feels weird.


Yeah, nitewalker built the box, but it’s a custom design I asked him for. I did the artwork completely in gimp (less the screen shots and stock alpha 3 art) and did the wiring, varnish, finishing, etc.
The varnish was like 10-15 coats. No tint. It’s an oil based varnish instead of acrylic because I wanted the warm look right away. Hand buffed and sanded between each coat. The last buffing took forever. I left the bottom a little rough.

I was hoping it was still out there and I could buy it back.

The religious thing? I think it’s good to have reminders of good things around.

Does anyone know any current active case makers that could reproduce the wood part?



As if to emphasize the point regarding @devastator 's wooden enclosures, I present to you my first complete custom:

More at:

This was really a learning experience for me. I had to brush up on my meager photoshop (Gimp) skills to get the art together. That definitely took the longest. The cuts on the art button inserts could be better, but that too was a challenge since I don’t usually do work at that scale. I was able to print it out at work so when I get tired of it I can easily replace it. Though, really, who could ever get tired of Lei-Lei (Hsien-Ko).

I don’t have any flex cable wire wraps so did just used electrical tap and small zip ties to keep the wiring from becoming a rats nest of wires, like the prototype that preceded this.

I had a lot of fun putting it all together and couldn’t have done it without these forums, so I’m glad they’ll be staying up.


Before photo’s courtesy of the ebay listing:

After photo’s courtesy of myself and a couple days loving restoration:

The top plate hasn’t been touched, my camera just seems to have picked up on the tones extremely

Edit: The L1/L2 are not stock, I printed my own replacements and painted them up since I didn’t wanna ruin the originals. They’re a bit more stiff, but not bad for looks.


Finished this custom Vega stick for @streetfighteradventures aka Tazershock. Started the artwork with a scene from Vega’s story mode and incorporated other design elements. The case was created to match the artwork and is painted two tone purple and yellow. Sanwa parts on the main set, Seimitsu buttons for the auxiliaries, all wired to a Brook UFB courtesy of my friends at ArcadeShock. This guy is headed across the country to sunny California!

Link to gallery:


One word, dude: AMAZING!


how did you clean the bottom plate? thing looks pristine


Well initially I tried to sand with some high grit paper and polish it back out, but the sanding took off some of the coating on it , especially where I had to get the worst of it off.
So what I did was I sanded the whole plate, and after polishing failed me again I got some metal spray paint from my local hardware store in a very basic colour, taped up the feet and the sticker and resprayed it.
Just one coat, nice even coats, left it to dry over night and voila!
Good as new.

If you’re interested in the type of spray I’ll try and grab the brand and colour tonight when I get home.


That vega art!!! actually the whole colour theme including the side and top panels are on point. Great job.


Great underside paint work, @killkong1211
Good work on the masking of the feet and label. I might do the same on my Saturn Virtua Stick.


Thanks man, I’m quite happy with how it came up.
Taping the feet I found it easiest to tape up first, trace around them, remove the tape and cut to size.
The spray was Rust-oleum, colour Satin Nickle


Looks repainted to me


Good eye man, it is repainted, was impossible to get it back to factory with the filth encrusted on it, so just tried to get it close as I could.


Was thinking exactly the same thing for both my Namco and my Virtua Stick. Great job killkong1211!


Case & Parts:
Artwork: (Me)


I created and put a custom Art to my Namco Stick.