Check Out My New Arcade Stick! (No Image Quoting)


I love the furious mess of tools and shrapnel on your workbench… Nice!


Thank you! I better get working on the custom footwear and accessories to accompany these sticks Haha! back to the 90s arcade kit… Yes!



Cute puppers.


that’s exactly what i thought too. i really like that one.


Finally made one I could show. Still a rough effort.

Topped with dry erase board. Cthulhu inside. Nobody gets to see the wire mess.


Just finished a full build, the custom features:
Brook PS4|PS3|PC pcb
Kaimana Mini w/ J2 RGB LED’s
Sanwa JLF Stick and Sanwa Buttons
Check out the spoiler tag for more pics :slight_smile:


Video–> [details=Spoiler][/details]


Yeah, I was really excited to finally have everything to make my own stick. Really REALLY excited.


This isn’t new, but I wanted to show off a stick I made a few months ago.


Panzer 3 based on Mako from Kill la Kill. really happy with how it turned out


A Dragonball FighterZ themed TES+ mod based around android 18. artwork was done by me while the client did the rest of everything else.


That art is pretty godlike.


This is a gorgeous case. Did you make it, or is it a stock case available for sale somewhere?


Nicee, I’m also really liking Android 18 on DBFZ. The dragon balls for the button art looks great.





Hey it wasn’t my idea. I only did what he wanted.


Friends don’t let friends break canon. You’re a filthy enabler.


I got this done a while ago and is my current stick and my favorite by far, I was rather upset about a few things such as 3 corners of the case being slightly damaged due to bad packaging(1 very flimsy sheet of bubblewrap) and all the button holes being too narrow requiring lots of sanding to get buttons to fit right. Regardless it came out nice in the end, spent only 140 shipped so not too bad, was from ArcadePC.MX, the case was a VLX with Plexiglass that went from edge to edge and stained black. I used new Black Gamefinger G3 Buttons w/ reds, Hori Hayabusa w/ DGRV Omron Switches so it can be silent, ls 55 spring, PAS Battop, Kowal 1mm Oversized Actuator, and Brooks PS3/PS4 Fightboard with PAS Breakout Board and Jason Hicks Black Pro Cable.


thats a great find!


I’ve read these kind of complaints numerous times about this builder. He didn’t come on the scene yesterday, so this kind of shit should be sorted by now. I’m glad that you made it work out, but no one should have to compensate for someone else’s negligence when they’re getting paid to provide you with a finished product.

Did you tell @arcadepc_mx about your issues? Wrapping a custom-made stick in a single layer of bubble-wrap is terrible. I did better with my HRAPs on eBay…