Check Out My New Arcade Stick! (No Image Quoting)


Please add yellow buttons >_<


My stick


^ Now thats hawt. I like the light colors.


Love those pearl buttons Audrey.


great choice of color for the Sakura stick there Audrey.


It’s been a long while since I’ve made some sticks.
My previous ones were made back in 2006, as seen in this post:

Still the same joystick and button layout (American-style bat-stick with concave Happs buttons, on a straight layout) as my older set of sticks, and everything inside is still done the same with the Parallel port and swappable project-boxes.

Stick 1: Hitomi from DoA Paradise:

Stick 2: Kos-Mos (ver.3) and T-elos from Xenosaga Episode III:

(LEDs to come for on-press lighting for the clear buttons)

Close-up of the new button labels (different from my old ones in the older post), labelled for Xbox360, PS3 and Wii:

Where can I a Brand New Mint MAS Systems Mini Stick Pro?

nice job on the button labels. those are slick.


@ FreedomGundam :
Nice sticks you got there. Really liking the DoA stick, I really haven’t seen a lot, and nice one picking Hitomi for it too.


Great sticks man. Does anybody else imagine condoms when they see clear happ buttons though?..


YES!!! I honestly do.


[quote=“FreedomGundam, post:9669, topic:73936”]

that would feel incredibly uncomfortable.


So I finally got around to taking some pictures of my first stick after the modifications. Credit and thanks go to arthong for the plexi work and help with the prints.

Pretty happy with the final product, tasteful enough to take out in public, but personal enough for me to feel attached to it.


All right , just finished my custom stick and wanted to share with you guys !
It has a pine wood body and on top a metal plate painted with metalic red automotive paint , so its very clean ! Im not a fan of putting an art on my stick , so i decided to keep it clean !
Sanwa JLF , 6x Sanwa OBSN-30 , 2 Brazilian buttons on the side ( start - select ) , the pcb is from those Nubytech Street Fighter Aniversary Colletion , the ryu version , so that is why the chord is red , it seems orange on the pics but its actualy red !
so here are the photos , hope you guys like it

you can also see some more pictures on these imageshack album


The pictures are way too big DX nice template., the screws kinda make it less appealing though : /


@jdm714 :slight_smile: yes.

Well I took this pic for MarkMan after he attended a San Diego ranbat and heard of the stick.

I added pearl buttons as a minor revision.


Finally modded my hrap3.


Big enough pictures guys?


Alchemy, your stick is great! love how shiny it is :smiley:


So even though it’s a temporary set up, I thought I’d post some pics of the 2 player stick. I’m going to be building a proper stand for it so more (non-phone) pics to come when I finish that and finish wiring it properly and such. for now its just wired (badly) for PS3/PC and gamecube/wii

Big thanks to Br0ken_Engli5h for building such an awesome case.


I really like the metal panel. The paint makes it great but those 4 bolts look painful. I would countersink those holes and put in some smaller screws.