Check Out My New Arcade Stick! (No Image Quoting)

I found a lot of sticks in this thread using custom mirror inserts for their buttons. I’m about to attempt this myself. Any advice on what to use for the mirror material itself? Does it have to be of a certain thickness? I just searched for “mirror paper” on Amazon and came up with this, so unless there are any objections I’m just going ahead with these:


That paper is probably too thick to be viable as a button insert. Maybe look into gold or silver leaf.

how did you link an ls-32?

Look for foil paper… Or try leaf… Leaf takes some practice tho.

Best thing for mirror inserts is chrome/ mirror effect vinyl. which is used by alot of sign shops Its self adhesive on one side and fairly cheap aswell.

Awesome, thank you. I just ordered a roll of this stuff:

you make your own bottom piece on a lathe machine… like i did
head to Phreak Mods Kickstarter page and pledge.
I think Phreakazoid will be adding last minute addition for LS-32 Link later today.


By the way thats not mirror finish. That will be a brushed stainless steel looking vinyl.

Yeah I know, my stick has a metal/chrome theme to it so this will fit even better than a mirror finish.

It’s time for a noob’s low-quality 3DS camera upload of his lightly modded Brawlstick!

Uploaded with

Needs moar pink bubble balltop, probably button change (these are all I have lying around).

Quick purchase and sanwa mod, done because my local casuals uses Xbox. Ghetto button covering made with 2 pence pieces and several strips of the adhesive covering material underneath the top panel.

The material I bought was not the vinyl I had expected, so I might tear it off one day. That said, I am growing rather fond of this chintzstick.

Being seized by a stick obsession means I will be posting a Ken SCV stick with artwork by my friend at some point, and a Datel mod when I have the inclination/money.

@alainvey You need to get a custom doily dustcover!

If only! If you have any suggestions for making one, let me know.

Right now, point of arrival for this stick is pink bubbletop, pink seimitsu Ks or Ps, no shaft cover (don’t have the correct dust washer atm), maybe a dual mod.

Thanks for the info Mr. Oso. Since the feet seems to be a bit wider than the original. Does it get in the way when using the stick on your lap?

I really like the look. I’ve been thinking of ways to incorporate patterns like that. Maybe some William Morris stuff. A++

Oh dope . Im not sure if i have the tools to put it on but i may have to take you up on that offer. I will definitely let you know . You gotta post pictures of your new stick~~~

Personally i like these feet better than the original comfort wise. The ones i have now honestly don’t bother me at all when on my lap. Its mostly the felt bottom on my pants so id say the feet don’t get in the way really.

Hey Everyone, back with another client project. This stick was created using reclaimed hickory wood and painted metallic chameleon purple/blue. Custom graphic, all sanwa parts. PS360+ PCB dual mod. Our client really let us have fun with this project. We enjoyed every moment. Thanks!

What are the dimensions of the artwork? Do you do create the artwork from scratch for your clients or do they use pics from online and send them to you to be photoshop edited? One more thing, are you able mount artwork to acrylic using a type of double-sided adhesive such as optimont?


Bad Ass!!! Love the “Franken Zappa” artwork and the wood!

Basic bitch aka my first time using photoshop, just getting into fighting games, and its my first arcade stick. Ordered some Sanwa buttons & joystick for my brawl stick, still on the way. Lamilamed my design at fedex then stuck it on. Pretty happy with it!

Man, 3 posts after a sick new one from Doug over at FH is a tough act to follow. :slight_smile:

Consolizing an MVS and needed a stick. Had an old DIY Foehammer case collecting dust, so decided to roll with it. High gloss, white lacquer finish. Interior is foam rubber lined to cut down on noise. DB15 port on back, Seimitsu LS-58 and Seimitsu PS-14-GN buttons. Keeping it simple with the look, so I used watercolor paint paper for under the plexi, and on the bottom plexi. The texture looks pretty great in person. Layout is Vewlix top 4 (half dick). Figure it’s pretty damn close to a Neo candy.