Check Out My New Arcade Stick! (No Image Quoting)

@b15sdm That stick is no lie. Gorgeous!


Beat me to it. Absolutely incredible.

I have to ask, how hard/easy was it to install the smoke side panels into the TE? I wanna get some for my TE in the future and was wondering what kind of potential labor I might be looking at, easy or hard haha.

@.Cobra it’s not that hard at all you just have to unscrew a good amount of little screws.

I’d say it’s a pain, rather than difficult. Although…

@chubbzer I would like to ask, though, as I think I may have missed something - the ends of your sides (if you see what I mean) seem flush with the rest of the case. I’m going to be taking mine apart again, as there are gaps at either end - as if the sides are bowing outwards - where the tips of the sides do not meet the case properly. It could be that I’ve missed a clip, or somesuch, so any tips to get them to fit properly would be appreciated…

Thanks for posting more pics of the injustice stick…

So far so good, I already have an idea where I am going with it.

Sanwa Microswitches (looks easy to remove those PCBs with a jewlers flathead)
Clear plungers (already got them)
JLF swap (maybe just parts of the JLF… not the whole thing)
Add weight… I am thinking perhaps getting a metal panel cut for the top to go under the plexi… maybe possible, maybe not…
if not then BB’s in epoxy resin filling the spots in the bottom… :smiley:

You might want to reconsider the plungers. They aren’t the same size as sanwa ones.

hey dude. it looks cool. Dont downplay yourself. It doesn’t have to look like B15’s or Foehammer or anyone else out here. You put in work on your stick man, it’s cool.

@kaihong Saw that after the fact… Hmm… Switches just for now then.

@Graymalkin how big of gaps? Mine have little gaps on the front and back I can fit my finger nail in but the middle of the panels are flush.

I wish i wasn’t so busy at work. I have 3 hrap mods pending 2 brawl sticks and 3 ttt2 tes projects pending.

Sam, I still in love with your work bro.

The Current state of my Injustice stick.

I Swapped out the Batty Bat top for a good old Sanwa Ball Top.

I want a side by side comparison of the buttons so I did some minor swaps.
The Blue Button is Sanwa, the 2 smoked buttons are Seimitsu.

This is for Testing purposes until I get a feel for how I want to mod this Injustice of a stick.

The Qanba joystick squeaks and feels off and the Qanba buttons feel mushy, sorta like the Dreamcast Agetec buttons.

I decided, I need to mod this thing to be full Sanwa or Full Seimitsu, despite the off mounting holes.

The gaps look like this…

…pretty much the same on all four corners. I’m going to take the stick apart and try again (as another nut has fallen from behind the top panel into the stick - I’m gluing all these f**kers in this time), I just wondered if it was something I was missing in the installation or whether it was just the panels being slightly warped.

Hello from Germany.
Just want to show you my sticks, that I own:

My new baby. Still needs new buttons, 2 ps360+ pcb an a plexy to protect the artwork

Soul Calibur V Madcatz stick with full cover top plexi, bottom plexi with artwork, custom button inlays and dual strike pcb

My baby. Madcatz TE with bezel from Soul Calibur V stick,

I thought someone finally made a stick out of a vacuum cleaner. I am disappoint :frowning:

Yeah mine looks like that but my gap is a bit smaller. I think it’s normal

Wait, so you can’t drop in a JLF or a Seimitsu stick in the Injustice stick?

It wouldn’t surprise me…


Not with out some modification, the screw hol;es do nto line up, not a big deal. The Dreamcast Agetec was harder to mod.
Soon as I get my order from I going to how every one the Injustice stick can take a LS-32
Do not take my incomplete project make you think its impossible.