Check Out My New Arcade Stick! (No Image Quoting)

Its been a while, im finally back ontop of the current set of orders after encountering some massive obstacles which caused massive delays. Now orders will be rolling out daily and there is alot of interesting stuff to come.

This is a fallout theme large hitbox for a customer. The red switch cover houses the switch for the case illumination. Usual Seimitsu buttons and PS360+ board.

Please excuse the dust.

more complicated than brain surgery

what im most amazed about is that he says there’ll be orders leaving EVERY DAY?

i thought these took weeks

My fiancee ordered mine in oct just being patient Crosses fingers

I played Fallout 3 until my brain fell out. Very cool design. Love the concept. Can’t wait to see what else you come up with.

Thanks guys. All of the orders are built on a ‘production line’ so right now all of them are at the wiring stage. Hence why I will be completing one a day now. Turn around time for each build is about 1-2months. This batch however took longer.

@afterfx just waiting for some LED’S to arrive so I can finish your one as well. Due to the holiday period they are taking a little longer to arrive.

You make me sick (with envy :rofl:). Beautiful work once again. You’re a genuine inspiration.

Simply amazing.

You are fucking retarded. How in the hell do you even envision this stuff. Holy crap amazing as always.

B15 confirmed as rainman?

Its a good thing I didn’t go full retard, never go full retard.

Everyone knows…Never EVER go full retard!!! lolz

Hey guys, I’m a longtime lurker and I finally finished my first custom and I wanted to share. OF COURSE it’s right after B15 posts his. MvC Mad Catz TE with Akishop PS360+ and art designed by my wife. Art and plexi from Art’s Hobbies, FA Nippon balltop from Focus Attack. The yellow on the art didn’t print as vividly as I’d have hoped so I might swap out the yellow buttons for green, but overall I’m super super happy with it. No wiring photos because it’s as ugly as the devil’s face in there.

Looks great man, there’s no shame in posting after B15, it’s not like people can even afford to play on a B15 stick :rofl:

buying a stick from b15sdm is like trying heroin i guess, i dont think i could stop buying sticks from him if i got one

First time putting a stick together. Paint job is nothing to write home about but I enjoyed the process. Definitely will be building again in the future.

gotta buy a stick from B15, if he passes away I’ll be a rich man!That´s great pieces of art!

Happy new year!

What do you guys think about this “mobility office chair/desk”? I wanted to attach a monitor to it without damaging the unit.

Clamped monitor arms means I can’t use wide sticks and a stand maybe too bulky.

Any thoughts?

That’s awesome

i like it but… what part of that is mobile?