Check Out My New Arcade Stick! (No Image Quoting)

Such elegant.

i’cant see it

it’s cause they keep changing the forum format. the links are all different.

not a bad miku stick. thanks for not putting the analog sticks on the boobs :smiley:

marry me

Way neato! What is that PCB you’ve got in there? I don’t think I’ve seen that one before.


That PCB is a Toodles Chimp


How do 30mm buttons feel with it? I honestly like the feel of the huge buttons on the arcade version (thank god for Puente Hills Round 1) but I’m curious as to how well they feel and play.

It plays like beatmania but with seimitsu buttons. Lol. But it’s infinitely times better than the PS3 pad.
I played the arcade ver as well at R1, it reminds me of pop’n. I was gonna use pop’n buttons but they’re sexpensive!!
So yeah, for now, 30mm will do until I can save up for x8 pop’n buttons or just get the Hori Diva Arcade Controller. :slight_smile:

Love all the sticks lately guys, keep up the great work!

hello to all i want i buy one of this modifiht sticks for pc,pc2 i play mame games. IF someone sell 1 of this with SANWA-SEIMITSU buttons and stick PLEASE PM!!! THANKS

Great design there.

Heres my Q4 sorry for the bad pic. Thanks Art. If I find my camera I’ll take better pictures. Now I need LEDs

Sorry for the PQ/Glare




did u paint that or is it retail?

it looks awesome. is it a full plexi replacement or what is it

Nice execution @TooLateForRoses . I really like it. Simple 2-3 color schemes look dope.

@lockon - Can you add a pic that shows how much the analog sticks extend above the top panel? I’m just curious.

Still WIP, need proper painting on the case (pearl black probably over this old TE case), re cut the artwork (vinyl visible on the sides…)

PS360+ & Seimitsu inside!

@DnkSigur - Very nice! Well done. Pearl black sounds cool. Can’t wait to see it finished.

Thanks @inendoi and @dej

Its just a full TOP panel replacement. Nah i didn’t do any painting. I stole the art from the shadowloo stick art series.

i love the work you did, i’m envious because I’m actually prepping my own custom project diva controller with sort of similar ideas, down to the axisdapter and hrap case…
but while we’re on topic, i have an idea that actually passed this idea on to @StarCreator, and his results were fairly positive. here’s what he did to the cheaper HORI Diva controller

(pic credit to him)

these buttons switches aren’t normally what you would see on there, its a special order switch made by Sanwa called OBS-M.
[all the information you need to know about this is here](Japanese Buttons with Cherry Switches

they are compatible with any Sanwa button, even OBSC. also these fine things called OBSF-30Q, which are dome shaped, like miniature Pop’n buttons.(this is what i’ll be using for my own custom controller actually)

I’m only mentioning this because you said pop’n buttons and beatmania. well guess what, the microswitches on that thing is exactly (or more or less) the same as bemani and pop’n buttons (75gf, but i think some bemani cabs came with 80gf standard? @DanAdamKOF). although it will feel a bit different, because of the smaller, springless button, it will still have that definitive click you get from bemani buttons.

again just posting this idea to those who are interested in modding the entry level Hori Project Diva controller or creating their own custom controllers. Clicky buttons are what arcade machines use, and this might interest people wanting a more authentic experience., ill be posting my results soon too.