Check Out My New Arcade Stick! (No Image Quoting)

I would’ve preferred the diva-pad to have tit-sticks, but that’s because I’m a horrible human being.

np! i updated my original post with pics.

Wow that’s a neat idea!! I can’t recall if the diva machine had clicky buttons but I do know beatmania does definitely. That’s something I couldn’t replicate on mine. When I said it played like beatmania, I meant the spacing of the buttons. Lol. But yeah thanks for that info!! I’ll consider getting a mini and go that route (eventually).

I was going to buy the mini diva controller and then saw @blackraen youtube vid saying the buttons on it were horrible which led him to make a custom one. But yeah my controller is inspired by his work. I don’t have woodworking skills nor the right tools so I just opted for a T5 shell and art’s plexi top panel.

Those OBSF-30Q look real cute!! I’m curious about what your plan is for the button layout.
Aside from using the OBS-M + cherryswitches for the clicky-ness, I wonder if the HBSF-30 will work?

Also thanks for the compliments everyone!! I hope miku-sama approves. XD

what did you use to color the bezel? I just got a new one for the stick i am working on and it doesn’t look right color wise so i was going to try a vinyl dye on it.

A friend of mine is coachbuilder, I made it with him, it’s a combination of vehicle paint. The bezel is painted with pro airbrush.

I already told you over Twitter, but that photo I posted was of the big controller, not the mini controller. Here’s a better view of the whole thing:

And if you want to see how it looks stock, I have some photos here:

Mod was done by a friend at his workbench. Wasn’t too hard, just a couple hours needed because of all the stuff you have to take apart per button, and it really speeds up after you do a couple. During MAGFest I went ahead and did another friend’s mini-controller right in the middle of the game room:

It’s easier to take apart the mini controller buttons (which do have springs by the way, just really light ones) but some pins had to be cut off/bent where they face the support pillars - there isn’t enough room to put in a quick disconnect straight otherwise. I also had to improvise a wire extension without having any tools to do wire splices with, because the stock ground wires are just barely short enough and I had to really stretch to get a few… and one was just plain out of reach entirely. After the mod it feels like a scaled down arcade controller, as it should be.

Huge thanks goes again to hibachifinal for confirming this was feasible, and mr.mortified for some helpful advice and moral support while I was doing the mini controller mod.

I just received a package from b15sdm. This was an unexpected commission for me.

While I’ve been long out of both the fighting game and custom stick building scene, an opportunity arose for me to get a stick done by Sam and I couldn’t resist. I’m not going to post pics because I want to let Sam do that as the artist. But I have to reiterate my stance that Sam is one of the few that take this hobby and really make it into an art form.

Thanks to both Sam and Per for the opportunity to own this stick!


Quick B15, we want to see!

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i know i know, i’m the worst.

i had a dream, that one day, someone will really put the stick in an anime chicks bunghole, i had a dream!

that dream was fullfilled today


not quite the bunghole but close enough

I always want to create this kind of stick

shouldn’t a bunghole stick be 8 button, you know, because it’s dick.

no, the stick is inserted in the bunghole so far that the one who can get it out will be crowned king arthur, so its not dikk anymore, its a mounted shaft in a mountain of solitude

i want a male version of that cammy stick


Here she is folks!!! Full Optical joystick… No switches!!! Not sure why I was so hell bent on making this, but it’s done!!!

Happ p360 (can’t talk about this as I was sworn to secrecy…seriously…)

Wico Optical p360 buttons

custom Wico\P360 art (compiled by myself)

case by Mekishiko

Shitty paint job also done by myself. (I know it’s shit. its mostly going to be used by my kids so it will get fucked up anyways)

This project couldn’t be completed without the generosity of:


and lastly, thanks to the special person who helped turn a little Ol Happ P360 into a Japanese Killer… you know who you are… and it kills me not to be able to say anything about your work, but a promise is a promise.


looks great sethian0, I’m surprised you found 8 P360 buttons. you’re quite a determined fellow.

That’s looking slick guy! Very snazzy

Here is the stick I had built for Paik4life. Its a cross between the New Net City and the Vewlix design.

Solid acrylic case, red mirror plexi with new net city pattern/design in black. Full Sanwa parts along with PS360+.

I really need to stop taking photos of light colour cases against a white background as It seems to disappear.

+1 for Novus.