Check Out My New Arcade Stick! (No Image Quoting)

*Sniff!!! I miss you guys… :frowning:

damn yo, you got a 40 in that stick?

haha nah that art is pretty sick

Finally got around to finishing up my tek mini case.

The cabs come with all sorts of different force-of-activation switches, offhand I think IIDX is 50G these days but formerly 100G, not sure about Pop’n but I want to say always been 200G, that’s not getting into springs either.

Great Idea. I find myself skimming through this thread looking for pictures but there’s a lot of conversation in between.

Got a PS360+ for Christmas, so I put in a big order with Focus Attack and finally redid my Brawl Stick. Still unsure if I’m going to cave in and go 8-button though.

edit: Thanks to @chuu for the template. I found it in a post from like 3 years ago in the artwork thread, and he was awesome enough to send me the pdf.

Dig the design choice.

As for 8 button, hell, considering how clean Hustle Kong’s four button sticks looked here and here, I think you should even consider simplifying.

word yo, thanks.

UP, DOWN, LEFT, RIGHT, X, TRIANGLE, X unlocks an endless flow of beer haha!

This was built for a repeat customer who owns both Ryu and evil Ryu sticks I built not too long ago.

The purpose of this stick was to be a gift for his friend in Japan who is an old school fighting game fanatic. So to stay true to the theme I went with an Astro City theme on a classy acrylic white case.

Full Sanwa parts all wired upto a PS360+

As an added bonus to the gift I created a miniture money box in the general shape of the astro city control panel with his thank you message on the underside.


truly you are a god among insects

Today I learned that the titlecard for Injustice was based on b15’s autobiography

Just picked mine up. :slight_smile:

i wonder if it is feasible to make an entire Astro City cabinet using acrylic like that.

B15 should have a school dedicated to building cool stuff. :smiley:



Thanks for support :slight_smile: Cant go wrong with a traditional Astro City theme. The official colour scheme just works soo well together especially with the green,pink and black. Chuck in a couple of yellow buttons and its done deal.

An astro city cabinet made of solid acrylic would indeed be amazing. Im actually scared to think how heavy it would finally be if it was built using the thick solid acrylic aswell.
Just need to wait for a commission for something like this and also book myself in for a spine replacement.

@b15sdm have you ever done a Chrono Trigger themed arcade stick?

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<div class=“QuoteText”>Finally got around to finishing up my tek mini case.</blockquote>

oh, man. i LOVE this. is it a one-off or will these be for sale?

Long time lurker, first time poster here.
Nothing major here, just custom artwork I knocked up in photoshop, some nice shiny new seimitsu buttons, a link and an octogate, but I’m proud of it :stuck_out_tongue:

Thinking about spraying the case light blue and picking up a blue or yellow balltop to go with the art, unsure though