Check Out My New Arcade Stick! - Part III (No Image Quoting)


The “newest” post is 20 days old :open_mouth: . What’s going on?


Here you go.

Recently picked up a Saturn HSS-0130 from a member here, this came modified to take real sega panels. has MC Cthulhu’s as well as db15/neo geo output for connecting to a supergun. the wiring was hacked up and wasn’t able to easily swap the original sega panels. i had to return it to the standard wiring so that i can attach my Smash TV panel. I love playing smashTV and Robotron, but its a pain in the dick swapping panels/boards into my cab. I’d rather keep the cabinet configured for fighting games.

so sexy with this panel:



I built a custom stick out of 3mm MDF and a 2mm thick acrylic panel.

It measures roughly the same in both width and length as a TKL keyboard.

The stick is light but doesn’t move around on my lap, (where I use it from).

Only things I messed up a little is drilling the acrylic, which you can see slightly under some buttons and one of the names of the moves, which I mistakenly copy pasted from Akuma instead of Ryu.

I just wanted to leave this here because virtually all of the posts online suggest much sturdier/thicker builds and, in my experience so far, this works just fine if you are not a complete savage :slight_smile:

Hopefully this will encourage people who may not have so many tools to build lighter but still usable sticks.


Welcome to the new SRK.


I modified my Razer Panthera about 4 months ago and went with a Violet Evergarden theme instead of the usual fighting game designs I did so far. The print and plexi were done by Arthur from tek-innovations. I also put in a “The Link” JLF shaft and a 2lbs spring, which seems to be the perfect amount of resistance for me.


Hello, it’s been a while since I posted anything so might as well make a new one with my newer sticks.

My main stick The Panzer 3. Hayabusa joystick, Seimitsu PS-14-GN buttons, Brook UFB.

Retro Stick. LS-32 joystick, PS-14-KN Buttons, AKISHOP PS360+. Castle Shikigami Art by a friend!

Fighting Edge just to own one lol


I Namco’d my VSHG.
PS-14gs, 2lb PAS spring.


Hey everyone, new here. I’m building my own hitbox, but I’m worried about mounting the PCB. I had completed a build before, but I only used two screws to hold it in, and it stopped working - my friend thinks that it short circuited due to improper mounting. I bought a new one and I’m wondering what the best way to mount it to the inside of my box without the possibility of short circuiting. Did the first PCB short circuit because I used only two screws to hold it in place?
I’m not sure what the box is made of, I think it’s really compacted cardboard or paper?

The wood grain is just a paper covering, some of it came off when I was drilling the holes. Anyway, I’d just like to know the best way to mount the PCB to the inside without short circuiting it.


This is sweeeet


This is nice


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thanks. will do


I would mount it over a small piece of wood/mdf with all screws attached, and then stick said piece inside the main box, either to a side or to the top, whatever works best for you and the length and position of your wires.


Madcatz TE Pro Sanwa OBSFs and a LS-32-01s. Venus stick. IDK hella weeb.


I’ve seen one of those in an used games shop for £50 is it worth it?


Closing out 2018 with a banger. Artwork by JxK Designs. Magenta and Siren from Paradiee Arcade Shop. Seimitsu GN-Cs with Buttercade RG-serts and Sanwa RG switches. Buttercade Batball.


Why is the stick so short? Do you have a thick CP?


It’s not short at all. :roll_eyes:


OK, must be me then. Thanks friend.