Check Out My New Arcade Stick! - Part III (No Image Quoting)


He must have a long shaft…


It just looks like a “nubbin” to me… that’s why I asked. Maybe it’s just a long plastic bat top but the actual shaft is the same length it would be if it was only a balltop, and it’s hidden by the top?


I was joking but it was a miss…

Don’t loose sleep over this, it’s just the Batball design that covers the shaft a little.


FightStick Friday
Alternative Venus Mask. It was something temp I needed for a 6 button layout. lmao.
Madcatz VS Stick Modded with Hori Commando Pro 4.
6 PAS MX Sanwa Switches. JLF might replace spring.


One of my old sticks that I left behind as time went by, figured it was time for a revival…a humble crossover mod if you will, nothing especial but it fills a nostalgic void just right!

SNES C&L Controls Championship Joystick (Made in the U.S.A.)
Sanwa JLW Black Battop with Happ/IL Competition Buttons (SFC Colors).

The sun is a harsh judge, it looks dirty and dull but I assure you it isn’t.

Love this parts combo, back when all I knew was American parts, the JLW was my introduction to Sanwa, specifically this particular JLW with the thicker metal shaft.


a work in progress. Got the electronics working overnight. Used prototype pcbs, cherry mx switch breakouts, keilh mechanical switches to make the keys, inspired by ergobox keyboard key spacing. I use left thumb jump, right thumb L1 and L2.


Took the Brook UFB and JLF out of my old stick, put them into a Foe Hammer Stealth and switched the buttons and balltop. Using a GamerFinger optical pcb, a 4lb spring and a Link shaft with the JLF. Decided to go with an Astro City theme while I wait for a friend to make me some SFV Sakura themed artwork.


Always been a huge fan of the VSHG. Etokki seems like such a natural progression for me.

Picked up an Omni for cheap and decided to bootleg a white omni. Added my own little rendition of mixbox to it and then decked it out with a custom chaiwanese lever (Ottodiy V2+).

VSHG is modded with a different Ottodiy V5.


White Omni looks heavenly. I can’t agree with your approach on the VSHG and the mix buttons on the Omni but I can recognize good work when I see it, well done!


I recently made a Retropie box for my nieces and nephews, and gave them my old Madcatz TE stick to go along with it. They loved it so much, I also then gave them my older custom stick so they could mash around in old games together without having to fight over “who gets the cool controller”. It was a decent stick, just simple with the guts from a 360 controller to power it. This gave me an excuse to build a brand new stick for myself.

Just finished it the other day! This is a Jasens Customs Panzer 3i enclosure, Brook UFB PCB, Kaimana Mini LED setup, with a Sanwa JLF and Seimitsu buttons.


Looks great! Any inside pics, I’d love to see the kaimana mini setup!


The LED’s are mostly hidden. Jasens enclosures include an easy build board that you plug many of the custom connectors into. Normally the build board is quite close to the base of the buttons, which wouldn’t leave enough room for the LED modules. I built some spacers to go on top of the mounting posts, to give an extra 10mm or so, just enough to fit the LED modules underneath with the connectors on them. So consequently the build board hides most of the work underneath.


I’ll be honest, those EZ boards are a turn off for me. I have a Panzer OG, wouldn’t update due to those PCBs, I’m not fond of the confinement. Here’s my Panzer, nothing fancy.

Pardon the bad quality pics, one day I’ll get a decent camera.

Swapped the PS360+ for a Retro Board, one of these days I’ll stack a UFB on top of it. I just like it that I have lots more room but I wouldn’t mind having a plexi, I guess I can still add it, maybe one day.


decided it didn’t look quite right.