Check Out My New Arcade Stick! - Part III (No Image Quoting)


I dont believe one is the specific ground. Shoukd have taken pics of the pcbs before locking them in lol


Gotcha. You dont have a way to get to if incase something haywires? O.o


No I do. Its just a bit of a pain just to get a pic. My qiring is a mess right now, and since i made the brackets to hold the pcbs in place, i tacked them on qith a bot of glue to hold them while i screwed them in.


I gotcha. If you make another or have to do something with this one to where you can show it, I’d love to see. Dont go out of your way lol.


Here is my “Murdered Out VSHG” aka “Poor Man’s Voltech VSHG”
First time using vinyl wrap. I found out the hard way that everything needs to be flat/smooth. The vinyl will pick up any gaps or imperfections. Had to redo the wrap on the cp.
I love this stick, it looks and plays great after to modifications I did to it.
Fyi, the mounting plate has to be removed and new holes have to be drilled to mount LS32.!

-Vinyl Dyed Top Buttons (VHT)
-VVivid Vinyl Wrap



It’s Dragon Ball Super Broly Movie season so here it is on a Mad Catz TE2+:
Repainted bezel and side panels to match his new look.



Well done!


Another potato camera special.

Panzer KE
Poor man’s Golden Fanta Lever
Myoungshin Base, 45A Tension
Golden Shaft Golden Oversized Actuator
Clear Bubble Bat Ball Brass Thread
Sanwa Dark Hai 30mm
Sanwa White 24mm

Still new to Korean parts but I’ve been learning and really enjoying it a lot. Brings me back to the days of Happ Supers, sometimes even Namco grommet leaf joysticks like the ones founf in cabaret cabs back in the early 80’s, good stuff.

Keeping it plain for now, I’ll get around doing something more up to par later on when I get some parts.


A Image taken by reddit user FabOlmC showcasing his Obsidian mod with artwork that I helped make for him.


Haven’t seen a voltech in a while. Classic


Looks fabulous!


I really wish I would’ve went out of my way to get a Voltech case back in the day.
There’s a few case builders from years ago that I wish I got cases for… ah, collector’s regrets. :slight_smile:


My latest stick.


It’s a VSHG not a Voltech, thus the poor man’s Voltech reference.


Still haven’t seen a voltech in a while then.


Your vshg looks great. Such a solid stick.


I always love the paintjobs Foe Hammer Shop does. So worth it to spend the extra money to have them paint it.


Mas mini. Recent pick up. Found it on eBay for pretty cheap. It’s also the cleanest mas stick I’ve ever seen. No sweat damage from that mvc2 crack.



I saw that on ebay too, it was listed oddly like “ps2 joystick” or something. I was going to buy it, but I held off because I thought after a a decent amount of time the seller would discount it. Good price and find, I’m glad someone on the SRK forums bought it.