Check Out My New Arcade Stick! - Part III (No Image Quoting)


Yoooooooo that Saint Seya tho iss cleeeean♥


Would like to show our new wooded hitbox from Satsui Custom Sticks. Full sanwa & ps+ brook board combo.


Panzer KE

Orion inspiration.

Potatoe shuffle once again!

Golden Fanta Hybrid Lever w/ Clear Bubble Batball Top
45 Tension Grommet (Red)
Sanwa OBSF White & Dark Hai
PS360+ PCB

Paying homage to my favorite pair of Adidas ever, circa 1988 when life was good and all I cared about was mad thrashing.

Still trying to cut stencils, one of these days I will get the proper tools for the job…for now I’ll just mcguyver my way through just for practice.

Last 2 pics show what I used at first but like we all know Dark Hai 24 buttons are a bear to find, so I had to go with white, it looks good with gold, everybody has extra white hardware and it brings out the fonts.

PS: I know the ground wiring is not up to par with the rest, it’s clean but a tad long. I had this daisy chain already made from an older American parts project and I figured screw it and spliced it in, will redo later in a much more pro-choice way.



Is this laminated plywood? I enjoy the foreign look of it. Very very creative use of materials. Though I don’t like the color selection, everything about it looks incredible. Color is irrelevant to me in this situation because of how amazing the shape of it is. It is in and of itself very foreign looking, but yet very functional at the same time. That is stupendous.


They exist!!!


I think it’s 3D-printed plastic.
To get this effect I guess it has been printed with multiple color changes between layers and sand it out at the end.

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3d printed, custom made 3 color filament that has each color running the whole length, and zero sanding. At least you got the 3d printed part right.

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It looks so darn similar to some of the laminate plywood stocks that are available for many things. It really is great looking!

This only makes it better. If it was wood, there would bet a boat ton of elbow grease involved with them shapes.


SFII Panzer Hitbox!


Acouple of my sticks I finished last week.
Finding an Etokki Rev 1/2 was alot harder than i though. Unfortunately the plexi that came with it was warped to hell.

-PS14K Buttons (Red/Smoke)
-PS14DN Buttons
-Black Screws
-Brook UFB
-Jasen MC Cthulhu

Etokki Omni Rev 1
-Stock JLF
-Sanwa Oversized Washer (to cover 35mm hole)
-Brook Fighting Board

Obsf’s have been fully seated since these pics lol


My latest fightstick design. Download the fusion 360 files for free. It’s lisenced cc-sa-nc so feel free to make one for yourself or a friend. If you don’t have access to a cnc machine I also sell them on my etsy store: FrameTrap.

This prototype is pine but I can make it out of whatever wood people want.

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i kept scrolling down to see if eventually there were pictures of a painted version. i’m curious to see how this shape turns out when it’s all done.



I just got one of my personally most desired, holy grail of sticks, the Tekken Hybrid TE-S that was only sold on the Namco club store. It was a promo/giveaway unit so there’s no limited numbering, that kinda sucks, but I guess it makes it more rare? This thing is mint and even has the all black original box, score!


2 HRAP Shells with AMP Up customs 6BMR CPs.
Some fun vinyl wraps, cricut vinyl and chrome tape with color tape.
Old faithful all Sanwa JLF/OBSF combo.
Jasen’s EZCthulu PCBs.


Helped out in making this graphic for an obsidian themed around the Versus city panel done for @ kjcwashere over on Twitter.


Finally got around to cleaning up and customizing a Q4RAF I bought on eBay a while ago, it was pretty dirty and damaged, but the PCB worked and so did the parts before I took them out. Instead of “dude weed”, it’s now anime. Is that an improvement? Depends on the person.

Kind of sucks that the stock artwork is damaged, but whatever got a good deal.

Character is Rinze Morino from The iDOLM@STER: Shiny Colors.

Sanwa JLF (Stock Spring, KOWAL Oversized Actuator, Sqaure Gate, Pink PhreakMods JLF Link, Seimitsu Clear Bubbletop, 31mm Clear Dustwasher)
6x 30mm Sanwa Buttons (White Base with Green, Red, Marine Blue, Yellow, Orange, and Pink Tops)
1x 24mm Sanwa Button (White Base and Violet Top)
6 Button Q4RAF Replacement Plexi/Artwork
Stock PCB

Took off the handle because I never liked how it looked and I’m keeping this a last gen stick/PC stick. Only other mods left to do is adding a neutrik port and changing the felt on the bottom to something else.


Nice artwork, even more so the choice of white rims on the push buttons fades them into the art and really enhances the look with the white shell

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Thanks, that was the idea with choosing white rims and also it helped that I have a bunch lying around. All I had to do was buy some color tops. Thinking about changing the ball top color or design, but not sure to what.