Check Out My New Arcade Stick! - Part III (No Image Quoting)

I’d leave it be, it looks great as is, good job!


To keep the activity going, this is probably going to be my next project.

Not the color scheme I’m going for. This is just fitting spare parts and seeing how it looks and feels on my lap.

Bought the case from NiteWalker (I believe) on eBay. I don’t know if he still owes people money or orders, but he’s still making cases here and there apparently.

Budget+ Flame Maple case. It’s basically the same length as a Mad Catz SE. Overall it’s pretty good, I like it.

The plan is to stain it blue, probably make it a current gen stick, and add a cute anime girl. I don’t know when it’ll be complete.

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Hello! This is my first post here.

@gIobe I think that’s pretty neat. It looks like it will be a simple and comfortable to use arcade stick.

As for why I’m here (other than replying to the message above) I’m also working on a arcade stick right now. The placement of L and R is probably the oddest thing about it though. (L is next to the joystick and R is on the side)

@Mega06w Not sure if you’re looking for another idea for placement of the buttons and the L/R buttons. But I did this RetroPie SNES system and just put the L/R to the right of the face buttons and did a square layout:

And though spacing looks a little tight, you could go with 24mm buttons instead of 30mm for all of them.

That’s the problem. I already sized the holes for 30mm buttons, so I fear 24mm buttons would just fall straight through the hole.

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@Mega06w Didn’t realize you already physically made it. I thought you were still in the mock up phase on your computer. Yeah that won’t work then. Sorry.

No, I’m 3D printing it. I did go ahead and refill the holes for the troublesome buttons, which took much longer than expected, and place new holes that are farther apart. I also added some screw holes for mounting, which should deal with the problem of keeping it together.

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MAS Slim collection. Wico Perfect 360 joysticks, Wico Perfect 360 buttons. #FightstickFriday #Oldschool


you sir are a connoisseur of fine weaponry

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I just redesigned my arcade stick so that I could print it. It’s now closer to the size of the Neo Geo AES stick. I’ll upload a timelapse of the print (and some photos) when it’s finished.

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I finished my first joystick. Here are some pictures.


Finished my first full mod, I love it.

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Cool! It has a nice aethstetic to it!

Welp, I lied about that wooden stick being the next project, here’s my custom Sanwa Mono stick.

Excuse the sloppy cutting, misplaced the Xacto knife so I just used whatever sharp objects that were lying around. Anyways picked the artwork because SNK is fucking rad.

Parts List

  • Sanwa JLF (Stock Spring, KOWAL Oversized Actuator, Sqaure Gate, Black PhreakMods JLF Link, EX Gear Transparent Smoke Balltop, 31mm Black Dustwasher)
  • 8x 30mm Sanwa Buttons (Black Base with Green, Red, Blue, Yellow, and Black Tops)
  • 1x 24mm Black Sanwa Button

SNES-Saturn Dual Arcade Stick Custom :slight_smile:


Hitbox I built this week. I’ve built a few of these over the years, this is version 3. Compact, comfortable, and functional.

Case is an anodized aluminum enclosure form Hammond Manufacturing. Good form factor for a Hitbox.


Some images taken by reddit user Dead_Encryption of his Allfightsticks Build with a Persona 5 themed graphic that I helped into making for him.


Nice! That was you!
I saw pics of that stick posted by FocusAttack! Showed it to a buddy of mine who’s a HUGE Persona 5 fan (who, incidentally, has asked me to make him a P5-themed stick whenever I can), and he approves of your art big time!

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