Check Out My New Arcade Stick! - Part III (No Image Quoting)


So you can use like in the Madcatz SE Buttons?


If I recall the stock SE buttons switches are a different design, even if they could fit the plunger itself would still stick.


Not the SE. The buttons are different from the buttons that the TvC/Brawl stick came with.


Okay x.x, thank you for the info. I was getting excited because I have some OBS-MX I was going to use in the SE Buttons if that was the case. I dont want to buy the whole button just for the bottom shell. Of the button but it looks like I have too.


Sanwa SW 68 & Seimitsu PS-14-D Microswitches fit just fine in the Brawl stock buttons. Madcatz SE seems to have slightly different sanwa clone buttons, but Brawl without any problems. I read Brawl Sanwa clone parts are overall better quality than SE.

I sold the stock Brawl buttons with Seimitsu PS-14-D clone switches inside on ebay. These are from the Venom/Mayflash arcade stick and have exactly the same feeling as PS-14-D…


Konami Arcade Stick Gradius Edition Mini


I’ve got inside the PCB Zero Delay PS2-Ps3-USB into the Namco Stick and I’ve added 3 little buttons more: Turbo, Clear and Mode (left Stick or crosshead).

This is the final result

Konami Arcade Stick Gradius Edition Mini:

  • Art of Gradius that covers not only the metal cover, if not also all
  • PCB Zero Delay PS2-Ps3-USB
  • Added 3 little buttons more: Turbo, Clear and Mode (left Stick or crosshead).
  • Preserves the microswitches Omron R2 A5 V-15-3 (made in Japan)
  • Buttons Select and Start changed
  • ABXY buttons colors
  • Buttons R2 and L2 on the rear side
  • Changed the layout of the buttons R1, R2, L1, and L2 black bare
  • Shaft cover with custom blue Star and different stickers on Art
  • Bat top black
  • Added weight to the stick
  • Back lined with thick and non-slip mat and drawing of Tron cover

The mini Edition before was thus

and now…

Added 3 little buttons more: Turbo, Clear and Mode (left Stick or crosshead) and PCB Zero Delay PS2-Ps3-USB into Namco Stick.


Hi guys an gals, here’s my latest creation…

  • Made from solid walnut. Finished with maple oil to bring out the grain and colour of the wood.
  • Seimitsu PS-14 KN buttons with mother of pearl/tortoise shell button inserts.
  • Brook Ultimate fighting board.
  • Custom hitbox layout with extra UP button for varied play styles.
  • Custom neutrik usb passthrough made from a 24mm button again with tortoise shell finishing.
  • Digital army print paracord cable sleeving with matching custom 3metre USB cable.
  • Gold finishings (USB Cable and button connectors)

Came out quite nicely even if I do say so myself!


Indeed, I think it turned out beautifully. There’s just something about carving/routing room out of a solid slab of wood, especially when the holes themselves look as precise. Although I always feel it’s a shame to see those plastic feet screwed on cases with such slim profiles; to me, they feel like a cheap compromise solution.

Care to reveal how you did the tortoise shell finish? Do those come in flat sheets and you stamped out circles which then got glued on?


Thanks man. Yea I know what you mean about the feet! The ones on it were the lowest profile option I could find but they are cheap and plastic looking unfortunately. Was thinking of making some out of some washers and foam padding maybe.

Yea the tortoise shell comes in thin sheets that’s pretty brittle. I didn’t stamp them out. I stuck the tortoise shell to some black paper with clear double sided tape as this helps to bring out the pattern and shimmer. Then double sided taped that to the button inserts. Once it’s stuck down you can cut round it with some sharp scissors using the sides of the insert as a guide.


Nice case man!
I don’t get the tortoise shell part, as you presented it as “mother of pearl/tortoise shell” in your post, and generally it’s imitation acetate or acrylate plastic sheets in various colours and swirly patterns that uses both descriptions at once when they’re offered for sale .


Thanks man. Well, it’s cause I cheated! :joy:
It is actual mother of pearl (donkey ear shell veneer) which I got in a thin sheet. I had it left over from a previous project. I then coloured over it with a brown Coptic marker which changed the purple and blues to brown and greens (which makes it look like tortoise shell)



So I finally finished my build exactly the way I wanted it. I searched long and hard and had to make a few trades along they way to obtain a matching set of perfect 360 spillproof buttons. I also had a busted wico perfect 360 joystick with a good optical on it and modded it to fit a il lorenzo joystick. My AFS case was dressed up with clear carbon vinal wrap.I then updated my artwork and got 7 new raised anti vandel buttons for full UFB support. The case is also duel modded with a ps360+ for legacy support.

I’ve owned many sticks but this is the best hands down I’ve ever used. And yes the spillproof buttons are amazing. I’d occasionally miss button inputs where my fingers would hit the brim of the button and miss the input. With the p360 buttons you can ride your edges and I can pull off two button commands with one finger. Anyways here’s the finished product hope u all like it.

Thanks to 805Nash for the p360 button swaps, AFS for their amazing cases and everyone here for there tech support!


Looks great!


Thanks! Feels great. I like the pefect 360 flyer as well! Going to frame it and put it in my work station!


Well done. Where’d ya get those nifty auxiliary buttons? Got a link?


I don’t have a link to where I bought the buttons online, but I did order them via ebay from China. I personally like the anti vandle buttons and they have a nice solid feel to them.


Current project, still needs a few details to be changed, mostly redoing some of the wiring and adding an artwork. I want to redo all the wires in purple sleeve, to fit the balltop.


In preparation of the Street Fighter 30th Anniversary Collection, I had another custom controller made from some spare parts I had.

MAS Systems Perfect 360 World Warrior ST Super.Pro Arcade Controller. NOS Wico Perfect 360 Optical Joystick, Perfect 360 Spill Proof Optical Buttons, Non visible mounting screws, Lexan plastic cover to protect the face, Brooks Universal PCB with 6 pin Aviator Port with detachable cable. American Made! Modified by RoyalFlushTZ


Now that’s dope right there!!! Like the green buttons.