Check Out My New Arcade Stick! - Part III (No Image Quoting)


So I padhacked a third party Saturn controller and hooked it up in a case. I made it fully wooden and used a transfer medium to get a printed picture on top of the wood. Some clear coat paint sealed it in nicely. I used the same technique on the buttons and it worked fine, they press with no obstruction, though one button turned out whiter than intended.

Im really happy with how this turned out,. I finally can make a case as nice as I want to.


Dude, that is beautiful! Did you make it yourself?


Yes, partly though. The chassis is my design, spent a good week planning it in Autodesk Inventor. Due to lack of tools I worked with a mechanic/engnieering company to get it built. It consists of the two black round aluminium sections wich form a solid frame with the two arcylic panels left and right. The right side has 2 counterbored holes to fit the start and select button. The top and bottom panel simply screw onto it. Two aluminium blocks in the middle allow to screw the usb connector onto it and give additonal support for the bottom and top panel.

After that I sleeved all the cables, soldered the PCB, routed the cables added the holes to the bottom panel to “stitch” the wire to guide them exactly where I want them.

The USB cable setup is bought though (jasenscustoms) I just shortened the internal cable, added a sleeve and resoldered it. I plan on changing the sleeving though as soon as I find a fitting sleeve material (cloth sleeve, purple).

I almost finished version 2.0 right now, just waiting for the custom artwork panel and or etched panel. Can’t decide yet :wink: . Will post the final version once I’m done.


If you’re ever looking to sell these, I’d buy.
Though that Start button is a bit too close for comfort. Aside from that, stunning work. Well done!


Well for the newer version the start button is on the side as I got rid of the “PS4/XBOX” button. On PC there is barely any reason to have one and I could push the other buttons more to the right which is more comfortable.

I kinda doubt I will ever make a production run of it as the parts are so expensive to manufacture in small batches. Also I’m kinda busy with work, so even I got more people to buy it I doubt I would have enough time to actually assemble them :smiley:.


Updated my Panzer with Golden Fanta mod and PS-14 buttons. Feels amazing.


Sega Genesis Controller Padhack inside. Art by Arcanux. One happy customer.


“Fixed” upped a Tatusnoko vs Capcom stick that I won from an auction. From the pictures on the listing I was expecting the main issue to just be the zL button. It was sunk in.

Still love that stick. Mine still has a padhacked Dreamcast controller PCB dualmodded in. I was so thrilled when that actually worked. Good times.


Where do you get the optical spill proof buttons?


That’s the problem, these buttons can’t be found anywhere.


Yep took me almost a full year to find 8 and they go for about 40$ a button!


Here’s my first fightstick. go ahead and bully me about it if you want.


I like it! Great colours


First fight stick is a amazing thing! Still got my dreamcast Aztec chrome joystick!


Not too shabby, reminds me that I have to customize my Brawlstick.


So back on the conversation of spillproof p360 buttons I decided to mix my buttons up a little and swap out brims. Never seen this done with these buttons “which is understandable being the rarity of the buttons” but wanted to do something different!


Was going through my hard drive to clean up a bunch of stuff and in honor of Stunfest 2018 (and having never posted this one). Case by @Allfightsticks and Artwork by Arcanux.


…taste the rainbow.


Finally finished the uni year so got to put excessive time into finishing my stick.
My hot knife has broke so I’m reduced to using a lighter on the heat shrink. Had the art commissioned by foxblaze and the case is by All Fight Sticks.


Sieg Zeon! Great looking stick. Amazing all around!