Check Out My New Arcade Stick! - Part III (No Image Quoting)


As seen at this years Combo Breaker, Some screens taken by Tekken player ROX Chanel showcasing artwork done by me for both his HRAP N and TE2.

Chanel vs Saint.


Double Post. Screenshot of a Marvelous customs design themed around Remilia with a bit of a Persona 5 Style to it done for a client.


One of my favorite builds to date! Check out my site if you’d like to see some of the others :slight_smile: Thanks!!


Showed my Sega Saturn appreciation over the past week by converting my Hori VLX to a Sega Saturn exclusive stick now.

I made an aluminium block off plate for the turbo panel and cut down an old HSS-0154 twin stick PCB to fit in an old Radio Shack (R.I.P.) project box and then finished with a chrome SS decal from eBay.


Was it a ps3 vlx? Im looking for a ps turbo panel


Was PS3. Using pcb in Hyperstick external encoder build though


That’s awesome. Looks like you have a nice setup there.


Decided to reuse some hardware that i had laying around so I dual modded this TvC stick with a ChimpSMD PC/PS3, added Start and Select buttons and a whole lot of Kaimana!

Decided to homage the ol Capcom with a Blue blinky animation…


And Yellow button presses!

Still trying to make stuff for the kaimana even though its been a crazy few months!


Here’s my latest project, a shrumps NES advantage pro mod. I had to bore out the A,B buttons to accommodate for 24mm sanwa buttons. After that I had to hack holes through the pcb with a dremel then re wire the traces. I was going to use 30awg wire as its thin, non braided so u don’t have to worry about braid strands touching unwanted traces of vias but I went the other harder way!

My soldering iron crapped out on me, my rod is at the end of its life and my tips are shot lol. I made it work but soldering is not pretty! Everything functions as intended I just have to do more shell modifications to inclose everything.

The joystick is a paradise arcade semitsu like knock off but I will say this stick is worth every penny. The stock microswitches are garbage but nothing like cherry microswitches to the rescue. I snuck a anodized black jlf shaft on it and clear battop.

Here’s a pic of what I have so far. I have 3 hours in total from start. Will update more pics with progression!


Man, so many lost pics in the old threads :frowning: Such a shame, all those Photobucket ransom images used to be awesome sticks and now they’re gone, probably forever for most of them.

Good to see people are still making some sweet custom sticks. Loving the look of the light up ball-tops like JRDIBBS’, gunna look into doing that myself, are those clear ball-tops? They look more translucent, never seen those for sale here in UK before?


updated my stick. I put new photos in the first message.


Hey, you could take advantage of them Saturn to Supergun adapters, mind as well right? RGB at shmups forums makes them, check him out, he might still have some for sale.


That Namco stick was mint…nice mod but I’d rather do those type of things to rund down sticks that need a facelift.


i love the case shape!


Why not fashion some feet for the case out of wood? You could make them the same size as those with a hole in the center then use those circular felt pads for the bottom.


do you refer to this?

Because I support the stick on my lap, not on the table.


Ok found time to finish my NES pro mod. I’ll just say that I whipped this out in about 7 hours of work which was mostly me hacking the shit out of this case! Again not having the proper tools and making due with what I had I redneck engined a sand paper wheel around a big drill bit and just grinded away. To get the clearance for the joystick I literally melted small holes through the top of the case which I masked with stickers lol. I made a 3/8 wood spacer to add the minimal rise I was shooting for. That was a skill saw and hand sander job. Not pretty but I beat the hell out of this thing and it works flawless! So functionality is 100%,100% feel & cosmetics are pretty rough (50%) though the case was pretty beat up when I found it in storage.

If I cared enough I would have done a good professional job but this is mainly for my wife who loves nintendo but hates nintendo thumb blisters! She loves it so it makes me very happy to see here with a joystick in here hand.


Here’s first arcade stick that I made my self from a jewlery box I got from a thrift store. It has a ls32 and seimitsu but with hap buttons for start and select. It’s a project box controller that is wired to a vga connector on both ends.


When there’s a will there’s a way. Congrats!


Just finished a Vegeta build