Check Out My New Arcade Stick! - Part III (No Image Quoting)


Just finished my WASD hitbox, modeled it after the SFxT Vs stick that I won in a raffle back in 2012.


A Punisher themed Bread N Butter hitbox design done for @YKDFGC over on twitter. Enclosure provided by @jonyfraze


This is without a doubt the most special project Ive done. My son’s 8th bday is next month and I wanted to make him something special. This is the result. Still haven’t wired it up yet so no inside pics.

The case is a BNB by @jonyfraze . This is without a doubt one of the nicest custom cases Ive ever had, and waaaaay underpriced. Y’all need to snatch these up before he realizes he needs to charge more. :joy:

The artwork is hand drawn by JxK Designs aka Klever Art and Jony Fraze. It is my son Aiden and Batman fighting the Joker and Clayface.

Jony and Klever are without a doubt pillars of the fgc and super awesome guys who made one 8 year old a super excited bday boy.


Props man, that’s dope. Those cases look amazing as well. Looks nice and light. I’m sure your son is one happy dude!!!


Madcatz SE + Sanwa Stick & Buttons


That’s awesome man, do K-sticks fit in that case by chance?


It looks like an SE so maybe if you rebore the whole for the collar and adapt the mounting wholes.


Mad Catz Arcade FightStick Korean Edition

SE only with Korean Stick. It should fit. Don’t know for the Buttons since it has Sanwa inside.


I was actually asking butterroj about his BNB case but good to know about the SE too! hehe


hehe i see :slight_smile:


@djdigi Im unsure if the height of the case will allow. I’m sure @jonyfraze can answer that.



Firstly, Please note I am still not taking on any orders at the moment

Its been a while and how things have changed around here!
This was an unfinished build that I managed to complete recently.
Theme is based on Bedman from the Guilty Gear series with full “spinning spiked wheels”
Full Sanwa parts, Brook Universal fighting board
and Paradise arcade “Kaimana” LED kit.
One more unfinished project to complete…stay tuned!

-B15 SDM Designs


work of art


I’ve added a practical carry handle and also a Velcro tape to gather the cable. :wink:


Just built this using a 9.5" allfightsticks case and Arduino/Teensy. source code and parts list are posted here.


@b15sdm Pretty spectacular build. Any plans to ever open back up shop in the custom crafting game or is it more just a one-per-year type thing these days? Again, great stick.


Probably a dopey question but does this run on just pc or other stuff too?


it works on pc and don’t have console to test. So maybe on Xbone and prob no on ps4.


Huge shout-out to @kleverART & @jonyfraze aka @JxKDesigns for putting together another banger for me. My son and Batman are the ultimate tag-team.