Check Out My New Arcade Stick! - Part III (No Image Quoting)


Just finished my new stick with an AllFightStick case, Paradise Arcade Shop Magenta stick, and a Brook Universal Fighting board
Artwork credited to grandialee and Robert Porter


Took a while to get the top custom panel done, and in hindsight it would have been nice to have the Neutrik connector offset to the side due to the USB connector being a tight fit with the added buttons, but finally have it done.

AllFightStick case (thanks to Aaron for waiving the custom fee because of how long it took), artwork from Arcadia Customs, Sanwa parts, Brook Universal PCB. The two 24mm top buttons are wired to be the same as the far buttons, as I didn’t like having to reach for them in some games.


Helped make this DBZ themed design for a hitbox as seen here done for @pghmav over on twitter.


NOS WICO PERFECT 360 Optical Joystick, PERFECT 360 Optical buttons, 8 pin aviation port, MC Cthulhu PCB, wired up by RoyalFlush


Helped design the artwork for a Hori Fighting edge as per the request of one of my clients. Print done by LayersFGC.


hey guys
it’s me
Just finished this today
I’m really proud of this one
p.s: please play splatoon its a good game


Nice to see an og TE shell still going strong


I figure I’d just post all the sticks I have ATM. Gotta do something different with the Injustice stick, as it was a rush job at the time that I did it.