"Check out my new arcade stick!" Thread - Mortal Kombat Edition


Post pics of your MK sticks, or even MK themed SF layout sticks!


and of course…


Couple of questions.

Where can I buy a stick with the mk layout?
Is there any point in using a stick with an mk layout as opposed to the japanese 6 button layout?(mainly wondering if anyone knows if the controls of mk9 will be like umk3 at all)


The block button has a lot to do with it. I know that when I started playing UMK3 on my SSFIV TE, I immediately quit. It just didn’t feel right.

And here is a link you can go to for custom mk sticks.

I should be buying one myself before MK9 comes out.



Same. Gonna get it a few months in advance at the latest so I can get it on time.


As soon as I’ve got the other sticks I need made up, I’m gonna get a UMK3 stick made.


Here’s mine, KornKombat sold it to me:



The stick is so far apart from the buttons! lol


those sticks are pretty nice, I’m thinking of making one or buying one closer to the release of MK9. ( if they hopefully make some quality sticks with madcatz or the like. )
For now I’ll use my piece o crap 360 d pad for some umk3.


to hell with Madcatz (sorry Mark lol)

AIAB is way better anyway, and the price is considerable…especially with the quality of the product.


AIAB = the old school high quality sticks and buttons. The iL ones. i can’t play MK on any other stick.


These are the standard tournament sticks we’ve used since late 2007ish. The artwork came out much darker than anticipated but I took them anyway. Not sure what happened exactly. Done by Arcade in a Box, outstanding quality and durability. Love these things, going 3 years strong and have gotten a ton of use.


The Arcade cab on the night of arrival, we’ve replaced all the buttons and wiring and having it working about 99.9% I would say. We also got boards for all other MK games and had a changer set up but thus it’s only worked right with UMK3 and MK4.


Stick panel during button stick and wiring replacement


This is the stick we gave away at Evo East 2K7 by DreadedFist:


This is my original custom UMK3 stick, also courtesy of DreadedFist, which now has been modded more since and is owned by another UMK3 player AC1984



What are the exact buttons and sticks were used in the dedicated UMK3 cabinets back in the day?


however all you madcatz and hori owners could always get a replacement panel with the MK layout from arthong.

just saying.


That’s the one I had that is broken, plan to get another one. Controller > Arcade Stick!! :slight_smile:


however all you madcatz and hori owners could always get a replacement panel with the MK layout from arthong.

just saying.

Was thinking about doing this but will happ parts fit in a TE/Hori case? Would still do it with sanwa but I would rather have happ for a mk stick.


I don’t believe happ will fit. At least not without a shitload of work. Check the tech talk.


Here’s mine:

A friend of mine has one of those replacement panels for his TE stick with the MK3 button layout. It looks great to me and with old TE sticks around $99 then the new panel for $40 or so, that’s not a bad deal to get a very good stick that is easy to dual mod and already has a headphone jack. While I think that AIAB sticks are the best ones around, you can’t beat the quality for the price on the TE with MK layout.


Holy huge arcade sticks Batman, is it possible to buy another one? I love the fact that buttons/stick is in a natural resting position.


I’m halfway towards finishing my first stick and it’s for Mortal Kombat!!
I’ll make sure to post pictures when it’s done in about 3-4 days…


You can use competition parts and that would be fine. There is a slight difference in the neck length on older Midway arcade machines compared to happs or IL sticks today, which can make a big difference. I saw a lot of cabs back in the day that also had the shorter bat tops, or normal competition tops without washers at the base, which always annoyed me. I saw so many different MK cabs and never could get a sense of the standard because parts got replaced so often. MK cabs traditionally used concave buttons, but I have played on some convex ones and started using them in sticks and machines. It’s just better. One things for sure, never use a perfect 360 for an MK game, just a 4 way/8 way.