"Check out my new arcade stick!" Thread - Mortal Kombat Edition


Those are awesome sticks!


This may seem a lame question, but for MK9 on the 360 version it uses LT & both LB & RB in the button config, which cant be mapped to to button inputs…so you either lose the ability to use the slow mo, and either tag or block due to the two less buttons…on this plate & for MK9 anyway

How did you over come this?

i ask as ive bought the kombat plat to mod my TE


I just have the basic buttons bound, no slo-mo or anything:
Yellow = Tag
Red = FP, FK
White = Block
Blue = BP, BK
White buttons on Back = Select, Start, PS Button (when pressing Start+Select)

That’s all I wanted and needed, but you’d definitely need another button or two to bind the entire controller. I just removed the top-left button panel entirely as I never used any of those functions.


Yo Tim, mind if we link this with the original thread in TT and vice versa?


eh, its up to you, but i made this because the MK sticks, well the MK sticks with MK layouts were so few and far between i figured they should get there own place to shine. your choice. :slight_smile:


Im not 100% clear on what your saying, im assuming Slow mo = X-ray? I’m not all clear with the Xbox buttons either since I’ve never owned one. But I can tell you that you don’t need all the buttons you would get on a controller, Both Kicks + Block will give you X-ray, so you don’t need both block buttons like you would on a controller. Also when you switch the panels you just plug the appropriate cords for your yellow button to be tag, on the 3 its L1…so i imagine it would be LB for you?


Does anyone know how to Dual mod a Ps3 pdp Stick?


Here are some of the Mortal Kombat sticks that i made recently.

The first batch of sticks were 3 sticks that Warner Bros asked me to make for a European release party/tournament:

Sub zero





fucking WOW.

i need some of those washers!!


I have to agree with that, those are pretty sick!


I’ve just sent an email to the guy that did them for me. He had build these with a $20K laser which broke down a week after finishing these :wink: Depending on the state of the laser now, i might be able to order/offer them again.


His laser is still f*cked… So unfortunately no laser engraved MK dusties…


damn, that sucks. for him and us. :frowning:






hella sexy.


I’ll get some pics of mine up here soon. It’s nothing to special though the case is made of maple and i have yet to put artwork in it. The only significant thing is that it has an original wico p360 in it which works perfectly.


:open_mouth: all dem sticks




Stained Foehammer case w/ Ed Boon & John Tobias’s mustache circa 1992.


Me old hitbox :slight_smile: