Check Out My New Headphones! (Now With More Arcade Sticks and No Image Quoting)


There have been some headphones posted on various threads and in the Check Out My New Arcade Stick Thread, but thought it would be cool to make a home for them. So show off your new headphones along with one of your favorite arcade sticks. If you’ve posted them before, move them over here again and lets consolidate. :wink:
I’ll get the ball rolling with custom Ultimate Ears on a custom Voltech VAS-22


Wait until i get home…

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That RE stick is badass.

Audio Technica ATH-M50 with my blue dyed custom wireless ps3 stick:


Same here, I’m out of town for the weekend but when I get back I’m gonna post at least a few more. = D

Thanks!! Nice pair of cans. Those are prob my next purchase, from all the reviews they seem like a great pair unamped or amped. I think every headphone collection should have a pair of AT M50’s! = ]



gonna get my pair of AKG K701’s soon i hope…

I’ll stick it beside my project secret project soon


They’re great. Extremely comfortable and sound clarity is amazing.



wow i wish i had your guy’s gear :frowning: