"Check Out My New Kicks!" the thread


yeaaaaaaa, this thread is for all you shoe lovers. You got new kicks? PICS

I got these kicks for $30 cdn, half price 'cause I work near the store.

EDIT: Posting up pics soon, Borrowing a digi cam, so I took the pics down till I get the better pics up…


Anybody collect jordans?
Sneaker Heads
Anybody collect jordans?

please invest in a picture phone.


gotdamn this 6 year old web cam, logitech suxxxxxxx. I guess I’ll have too buy a digi cam, I don’t believe in cellphones. I don’t like being available 24/7.



you can have a phone just dont give out your cell number to everybody especially the people that get on your nerves. other than that, please, do somethin’ cuz the goggles do nothing.


i like shoes and id like to see those clearly

ill post mine up later
im at work
so im just wearing black pumas


I wish I had money for shoes. I bought my last pair like 6 months ago:


^ oh man those are beast

i really need a pair of adidas superstars

i have these right now (too lazy to take a pic)









love Stabs~!!! I got another pair obtained after I took that pic and I also want the new yellow dot ones.

I dont think I’ll ever get those FootPatrol ones tho… I like to wear shoes and those are too pricy to be wearing.

but I got a job recently after 5 months of unemployment, AND I tracked down a pair of shoes I been wanting for a while.

what perfect timing!!

edit: another pic I found in my flickr, a small glimpse of my cousin’s stash:

I dont even own an eighth of that


stabs are dope.

anyway, i’ll post a few more pics…


ok, thats enough for now.


I’m proud of my limited edition Adidas 35th anniversary Captain Tsubasa shoes. Pity I left them back home when I came here to study, so no personalized pics.

These will have to do: Pics.

Of course, I highly doubt I’ll ever wear them. The sentimental value is too high for me to give them any kind of wear!


I’m still waiting for a price drop on the Santanas at my local kick shop. $90 isn’t a lot, but I know it’ll drop way lower.

I’m still searching for a price < $150 for the Tokyo Bluebirds.


casts life 3




me having secks wit my new ice creams =]


In the mail:



tryin to save up to move to an apartment rite now, but I been workin for 2 months and couldnt resist not buying some new shoes.

2 new kicks~!! proably enough to ease my spending urges until at least july!






^^ Oh Dayum… those are all some fresh ass kicks. Did you buy all of those?

The amount of socks I have, is less then the amount of kicks you have…