Check out my new SSFIV arcade cabinet!

New Arcade cabinet… buddy and I just finished getting some art today!

It’s open for public play at!

The End Game Center
722 West Rio Rd. St 8
Charlottesville, Va 22901


UPDATE #2!! added art 2 part epoxy is currently dryin!

over head shot!

People get lazier and lazier with there cabs

Might I ask what you mean… We had a lot of interest in a pedestal cabinet. so that Is what we went with!

Just not much creativity anymore

That’s a table.

First cabinet project?

Looks nice and will look even better once you get artwork on the wood. Question, do you find the screen is a bit too far away? I’ve seen arcade machines setup the same way before, but usually those machines have much, much larger monitors than the one you’re sporting.

It’s a 32 inch screen… And Rich took a very bad picture with his phone! lol the Cabinet sits about 1 foot from the screen and it seems to be just right all the local players love it!

Yeah it is! we actually talked about it last week… happen to get a day off and put it together… I feel like with art it’ll look much better imho

Just because it doesn’t look like an elaborate sit down cabinet doesn’t mean it’s no good. This setup (usually with big Happ parts though) was popular back in the day.

Graphics should make it look better. And better work on that because the cab has already tempted you to play on it unfinished. lol

Looks like it already had some play time. Unless those dirt marks are part of the design :). this actually can help save some space compared to a sit-down. Hopefully after you finish it it would look nicer.

Looks good Havitz. Making an entire cabinet is more than most people can say they have done for a hobby. Is the console inside the cabinet? How are you dealing with ventilation?

Really? I call bullshit, I remember the only popular cab’s like that ever were cigarbob’s because of the uniqueness and another happ like cab that someone brought to evo, I never remember the style being popular just what people did with them which is the '‘creativity’ part of my comment, nothing creative there its just a table with a monitor the cabs i remember being popular and you hit the jackpot is if you had a 6 button jap candy/astro cab with a cps2 setup. Because it was hard to find a none cheap shitty happ setup so astro was more popular because the button’s weren’t broke to hell jap parts so they were responsive because if you remember happ wasn’t the shit to have till Happ/iL, Also you need to deal with ventilation or your xbox will be introuble, My ideal cab setup since you made it like a table you do have an advantage for ventilation so id use that space wisely and add some 180mm fans or 120mm fans or a bunch of 80mm fan’s taking hot air out pushing cold air in, Personally id do two large rows depending your room temperature

(Hot<Taking hot air out/Cold<Taking cold air in)

Good way to have alot of fans with little power usage is take a old 200/120watt powerpac and also mounting plugging it in then plugging the fans in that way if you’re looking to go the easy route, How i did my old cab was take a what looks like a laptop charger cord but its not they use them in Mini PC’s as a powersupply and you can only run the power to the mini computer so i just spliced a bunch of wires to run inside the computer fans its a huge mess very hard to explain but is the best way if you’re a penny pincher, Oh and im assuming it’s just a console cab so you don’t already have a powerpac btw

Im trying to get my mame cab going again but having stick issues myself but that’s a whole other discussion, Goodluck with your project just wish it was more creative

Those are not actually dirt marks…! I thought so too but when I went and looked there was nothing there… must have been something on the iphone lens!

Yes, just a console for now… we are getting a SSFIV board when they hit the US! I’ve already wired everything inside for it… And we have 6 Fans on the other side… no issues with heat at this point! it’s running a cool 82F Degrees with everything up and running! and thanks ^^

Looks like a pretty standard place where one would have their wrist rest on the desk. Maybe it’s just visible on that angle.

Thta is pretty damn cool. What color are you going to paint your cabinet?

95% of people plug their PS3/XBOX360 into a TV, shove in their SSFIV disc, plug in their sticks and call it a day. These guys showed some dedication building themselves a cab and gets crap for it. Not everybody wants theirs to look like Vewlix and from what I can see, they did a solid job.

And their spelling

I dig it man, that would be great for parties and stuff. It would be cool if you threw some paint on there though.

Liking your project…keep it up!!