Check out my piiiimp stick!

I take pictures outside too…darkside style ! :wgrin:
could have been better with smoother finish but I ran out of spray primer so I just gave it like 5 coats of metalic paint with clear coat assist !

Nice, its good to see a happ stick, they are getting more rare.

Nice! Where’d you steal it from?

Nahh, jokes. I like the metalic look, although I would have probably filled the corners to take the attention of the screws… But that’s just me, it still looks awsome as it is.

woo, american sticks FTW

Today is just full of great looking sticks :wgrin:

Sweet stick snaaake. That art is nice. I especially like the “scan lines” on the characters at the top. Happ sticks are getting rare but when they’re this nice it’s good to see em.

sonny… you made somthing good other than your standup arcade?

inside pics… lets see the wiring… :wink:

Maybe for prebuilt sticks. But for DIY, we sell 5 Happ for every Sanwa over here. Personally I prefer my Jap sticks, but I’d say that the silent majority prefer US, if sales figures are anything to go by.

Nice stick SNAAAAKE. I really dig your photoshopping too. :clap:

Well, I was referring to the recent posts on SRK Tech Talk, but that is interesting info. I assume the mame guys are all happ, right?

what is that, a super stick?

Nice stick, looks polished :tup:

Usually it’s broken down by age. Your 30+ guys are Happ or MCA (crap Aussie brand that’s popular here for no reason other than they’re cheap and every arcade used them here back in the 70’s and 80’s).

The 20-somethings are split pretty evenly between Happ and Sanwa. But I think you’d be right in your Happ-for-MAME, Sanwa-for-console/fighters guess.

It also might have something to do with the fact that some people don’t have a preference, and merely buy what’s cheaper.

yeah its a super…I still like comp better though. I build this stick for ECC and I only had a super laying around. I will install a comp in there whenever.

thanks everyone ! :tup:

Badsha my brotha from anotha motha, what’s up?! Haven’t talked to you in a while. I thought you said you were giving up making arcade sticks (guess it was only for others). Nice looking stick. I am actually making a really really big one right now stay tuned for pics within the next coming weeks. Thanx.

-See Ya!!!