Check out my stick art that i just finished![Hori ex2]


Hey, I just finished making this for my Hori Fighting Stick EX2. Tell me what you guys think!

*edit Screw embedded images!


I like the art you used. I like it very much.


its so minimalist its beautiful

really good example of “less is more”

i like how its simple and clean

almost like theres nothing there


i c wut u did thar


I couldn’t have said it better myself :sad:




^ That

Resulted in this:

*Not Found
The requested URL /_DVURXP4q2pM/Sl6wscEH2kI/AAAAAAAAABQ/Mj9YSh_zPJM/s912/Litchi%20-%20hori-ex2%20template.png was not found on this server. *


i think he meant to link to

C:\My Documents\SECRETDONTLOOKMOM\horiex2.jpg


… so… is that like… a joke?

sorry if i’m slow, you might be better off explicitly saying that there was a problem with the linked image or not, unless i’m just misunderstanding completely…

It shows up fine for me on a separate machine.

*edit: btw, it would be “C:\Documents and Settings<username>\My Documents…”

*nvm, figured it out. It’s cuz it’s on picasa, and it doesn’t work when i sign out of google… gimme a sec.


The link didn’t work when I clicked it, but I copy/pasted it after I quoted you [which I didn’t post. It was just a way to see your link].

And yes, I still do like the art you used.


Nice artwork you used for your stick.


nice job :slight_smile:


Lovely art.


very odd it should add spaces to the url :lame:




Very nice!
Can u make Hori Pro size ones?
Amazing work there!
I can’t think of any other hot girls in BlazBlue except litchi.


Sure, if you have the template for it. Also, any images that you have that are super large (the litchi one i used was a huge 1008px 1600px, and it was unresized when placed on the template)

Also, noel can be very attractive in that innocent sense. And Nu in that …wierd sense.


Noel I only find one picture of her attrative is the one from the OST.
Where she has her hair down with out a hat and u can c that she has the Chinese 12 written below her neck.
I have this stick but I can’t find the template for it.
I’m not sure if it’s the same as this one.


is that the actual hori ex2 size. That’s all i need and im finished with artwork.