Check out my team!cyke,gam,Cpt A

Hey yall i got a new team that i think is pretty decent all around and just fun to use.

Cyke, Gambit, Captian A.

Yea, there is one high tier and two not so high, but there not awful. Not to mention the Cyke and Gambit are crazy together (Cykes anti air assist-trick card is crazy fun)

Captian has some great ground combos that can end with gambits projectile into final justice, and either character can DHC after the last hit( Cyke QCF+KK OR Gambit QCF+PP) . Also his double jump makes for some siiiick air combos.

I was just wondering what people thought about it and if they have any general strategy for the characters. Im new to the game but im getting better, sort of. If any one wants to play me on xbox 360 leme know, gamertag=Othefreshprice.

:wonder: …FINAL JUSTICE.

Go there for team strat/design.

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