Check out the painting I won at mvc3 midnight release!

I have never won anything until the night I went to pick up my copy of MVC3. I won it in a random raffle and it’s a 3ft by 3ft original painting. Tell me what you think!

Damn that’s badass.

Who’s the artist?

Nice photoshop.

It pretty much does…did the artist just skectch from a shop?

as far as i know he just straight out painted it. it’s not a print out or a poster. It’s painted on a canvas.

i think his name is like carlos C. or something like that. I’ll need to double check but it’s pretty crazy.

Is it me or does Zero just look ridiculously out of place in it? I mean its nice otherwise, but the art style of Zero doesn’t match the other characters by a long shot.

Anyone else notice how Zero is a completely different art style and clashes horribly with everything else?

Nice shop.

EDIT: basically, what LedFarmer said

it’s dope.

exactly, it’s kinda like the painting style is different for zero and he looks a little out of place. they should have put akuma to match the dark style.

how much do you guys think this painting is worth?

Not just Zero…Deadpool looks out of place as well.

Look at zero’s blade. So out of place. Why is deadpool so bulgy looking?
Terrible shop.

i’ll buy it for 10 bucks