Check out these babies! [new PS2 stick]

Don’t know if it’s posted yet, but dammit they look really sweet.

I’m definetely gonna save up for the 2P one, wonder if parts are Sanwa/Seimitsu.


it sucks being a fighting gamer in the US :tdown: :tdown: :sad: :sad:

Yay for happ :tup:

when hasn’t the US gotten the shaft? but realistically, there isn’t the same profitability in the US for these types of things as Japan. i know you know, but still.

Whoa, very nice. Like that KOF designed one…


ill pass
i dont wanna carry around a stick like its a keyboard, especially in places like EVO and Vtyme where its hard enough to walk around.

Why are they 4x longer than they need to be? I don’t get it. :confused:

It makes sense on the 2 player stick. Do you want to be elbowing the other person? Although it seems that it can still be possible on it.

The one-player stick is nice, but the length is pointless. Unless there’s some way to modify it for both one and two, since there’s the holes for sanwa buttons on the top-left? I’d love to see specs on this.

Beautiful sticks, really liked all of them, didnt like the KOF art tho. 2k2’s art would have been top.

I like the length, seems like it would be stable wherever it is set. Stick not moving around when you are playing = good.

Looks great, but theres no space for the bottom part of your hand to rest on - which is uncomfortable.

and those are not happ parts!

lol kinda big? freakin huge,i guess its for the ppl with conveters & modded box.

how much $$$?

Damn. Thats big. Japan’s version of MAS? Lol.

Yeah, those look like Sanwa. And I prefer that KOF art ( I think it’s Shinkiro’s style? ) over Falcoon, whose stuff is sometimes really good, sometimes pretty crappy…

P-Kao nailed it though, where’s the handrest? I guess if you had enough time on your hands you could lay one down on it or put a more comfortable base on it…think I’ll just stick with my modded Virtua Stick though or pick up a Hori…

It really does look nice, but let’s not forget Sega did this a long time ago for the Saturn (Virtua Stick Pro anyone?).

Im sure the idea is that its like they’re ripping a CP straight from a japanese arcade, thus the size.

The case holding the control panel looks nice. If it could be had cheap enough, I’d certainly get one and make a supergun or something out of it. Far too big for carrying to tournaments.

And for Pete’s sake, get rid of the control panel they’re using and replace it with a proper 6 button one.

Wouldn’t be surprised if you could just put a standard astro city panel on it. As far as no resting place for your hand if you look at allot of Jap cabs they are the same way.

You can put a standard astro city/ blast city panel in it. It’s also made by Sega.

Gotta get one!