Check out this badass shoryuken tattoo!


Man this is so cool.

Now THAT’S dedication, my friends.


cool thread bro


They got banned in GD so you posted it here?!? Fail.



This has only been posted in SF4, GD, IMM, EventHubs, IPW… Hell why not here too?


anyone actually look at the pic? :stuck_out_tongue:


Everyone saw that damn pic before.


Yea, it’s actually correct. I guess that pic where the motion is wrong is a fake (or this one is but I doubt that).


Huh? Fake?




One can’t trust any photo now days.




Tattoo is on my arm, it’s pretty real.


uh it’s really obvious the correct one is the photoshop. look at how the angles on the arrows are aligned with the preceding arrow on the incorrect one, it’s much more aesthetically pleasing.


Ban imo.


Also, the flash point on the “incorrect input” is radiating from a single point, where as on the “correct input” it’s all over the place.

And this really should have just been added to one of the twenty other “OMFG LOOK AT THE TATTOO FAILZ, LULZ” threads that already exist.