Check out this incredible Mobile Suits Gundam Cabinet

more pics:

holy crap that’s sick!

Play Gundam like its suppose to play :slight_smile:

Get 16 of these for 8 vs 8 action!

its listed to come out in 2008 in Japan…not sure if its out yet.

Japan always get the cool stuff, hopefully it comes over the state.

Its like your own personal IMAX pod.

Its like Afterburner…on Steroids!

holy shit that looks fun

gundam games can be fun, but they’ve got to be made right, this looks like one of those that was made right

Id love to give that a go :hitit:

Gundam: Senjo No Kizuna has been out for years.

2006 exactly. Old and the only reason why I’m shitting all over your thread is that I’ve wanted to fucking play it for years since the location test shit was out.

-EX :cool:

goddamn, this looks like a sweet setup! :wow:

Check this out


I’ve played a game that is very similair to that on the ps2. Its pretty fun, and that arcade machine looks like it would make it way way more fun!! I want to try it now!!!

Hahah, that setup is soooo cool.

I would imagine that this could make anyone feel sick if they’re prone to motion sickness or the like. :rofl:


anyone here play this? ive always been a gundam fan but most of the good titles never see stateside apparently. How is it?

A buddy of mine tried this out and he said it felt awesome like he was in a mobile suit cockpit (obviously what Bandai was going for), he also said the controls are pretty simple and once you get use to the 180 degrees view it’s a lot of fun

that looks so fun i wanna play

Real One Year War mobile suits don’t have 180deg dome monitors, they have square monitors.


Yeah, this has been out for a while unless this is a updated version. They even had Souljah boy playing it in one of his videos of him in tokyo. I heard the waits for the game are like 30 mins since its so popular. I would love to play it though and test out my new type abilities. Gundam > Anime.