Check out this TE stick mod...does this apply to SE stick?


I answered your Previous Thread.
Why did you make another one?

You even thanked me in the other one.

because i noticed it was on the 4th page n stuff…but thanks…do you have any information or guide on how to solder??/ i would like to learn

Everything you want is on the First Page.
In fact, it is on every page, because they are Stickied.

Are you going to make new Thread everytime yours fall back?
You could have just bumped it up.

But I think it was weird that you made new Thread for same question that was answered in previous Thread.

then why not continue with the old post instead of making a new one that was already answered?

close this thread ffs.

im new here i dnt know how to bump threads…

you just need to reply to them to bump them.